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Designer Spotlight: Simon Carter

A Brand for All Occasions

Simon Carter is a menswear designer and retailer based in London. He and his brand are particularly well known for their accessories such as cufflinks, watches, jewelry and luggage. Additionally, the business has branched out into clothing, and now offers a wide range of formal and casual clothing.  At Cufflinks Depot we proudly offer you an entire line of Simon Carter cufflinks and accessories.

Simon Carter, the brand was founded by a businessman of the same name in the 1980s. It began as a wholesale business before going on to open his first store in London’s famous Regents Street.

Woody Owl Cufflinks by Simon Carter
Woody Owl Cufflinks by Simon Carter
Acorn Tigers Eye Cuff Link by Simon Carter
Acorn Tigers Eye Cuff Link by Simon Carter
Functional Aspirin Cufflinks by Simon Carter
Functional Aspirin Cufflinks by Simon Carter








The Man Behind the Brand

Simon Carter, himself a visionary man with a penchant for revolutionizing the men’s fashion industry, was named the “Most Stylish Man of the Year” in 2015. His brand was named the “Menswear Brand of the Year” in 2013. He has been awarded many other accolades in addition to these. He also holds the distinction of being the most successful international designer.

Simon Carter is, according to himself, often to be found wandering around at auctions and in antique shops seeking inspiration and looking for items with a particular heritage and inspiration.  He passionately believes that harmony of form and function are what every serious designer should aim for and that taste is paramount, particularly in this age where we are surrounded by “flat pack furniture, ‘hospital corridor’ art and Euro-box cars, designed by committee, regulated by commission and screwed together by robots” (Simon Carter).


“And it really boils down to this: design is not a luxury.” – Simon Carter


A man who seeks to answer the problem of the demands of consumption over quality, Simon Carter’s vision is to pay tribute to significant moments in the history of design, in art and in the decorative arts.  He produces “products of integrity at great prices.”

Crystal Garter Star Cufflinks by Simon Carter
Crystal Garter Star Cufflinks by Simon Carter
MOP Peacock Inspired Cufflinks by Simon Carter
MOP Peacock Inspired Cufflinks by Simon Carter
Darwin Panda Cufflinks by Simon Carter
Darwin Panda Cufflinks by Simon Carter









When it comes to his cufflinks he calls them “‘sculptures you wear’ deriving from a long and thorough engagement with art deco and other movements in the decorative and fine arts. From restrained, subtle plays of form against the anatomy of construction to flamboyant, unabashedly beautiful or frivolous designs festooned with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones, all impeccably turned out.”

Simon Carter: A Global Brand

Simon Carter has seven standalone designer brand stores in some of the most exclusive locations in the UK and his designs and clothing are stocked in most major British department stores.  He has recently expanded his brand into India.


Cufflinks Depot is proud to offer a wide selection of Simon Carter cuff links and accessories.  There is truly something for every occasion and taste.  If you need help selecting the perfect pair, please give us a call at 1-866-4MYCUFF and our friendly representatives would be happy to aid you.

Designer Cufflinks and a Wondermutt That’s Not: Sterling Dog Treat Cufflinks

I am the proud owner of a mutt.  While I’m a huge fan of design in most areas of my life-home, clothing, accessories, etc-my handsome little dog is not a designer pet.  You can’t find his match on the AKC official breed list.  He’s also just a regular old mutt; he isn’t a “designer” mutt with a whimsical breed name ending in “-poo” or “oodle.”  While we adore our little wondermutt, his uniqueness means that we can’t find his likeness in any accessories.  At our store, there are cufflinks available for companions of labradors, bulldogs, scotties, yorkies, spaniels, and many other breeds, but none that resemble our dog.  However, I was still able to find the perfect pair of Sterling Dog Treat Cufflinks that remind me of him:

Sterling Dog Treat Cufflinks

Our dog may be unique in appearance, but he loves his treats just as much as a champion miniature poodle.  I’m thinking of buying this pair for my husband, as I know a reminder of our scrappy little dog will bring a smile to his face whenever he wears them.

Personal Design: Engraved Checkered Edge Cufflinks

As you may know, our store carries a number of engravable cufflinks in a variety of shapes and finishes.  Our store also carries a number of designer cufflinks that are unique and stunning in their own right.  That said, these Engraved Checkered Edge Cufflinks present the best of both worlds:Engraved Checkered Edge Cufflinks

These cufflinks have classic lines, but remain unique.  Black and white checkers are striking, yet familiar, as they are found in all sorts of places.  The silver, square face of the cufflinks is an ideal medium for engraving as well.  These cufflinks are an ideal way to showcase a love of design as well as a personal sense of style.

Remains of the Day: New York Subway Token Cufflinks

As more and more parts of our lives that used to require vast numbers of physical objects-archives that needed paper, or music collections that needed record albums, for instance-get upgraded to digital formats that exist only as a series of zeroes and ones, what becomes of all of that stuff?  Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff will end up in a landfill, but some of it will find a new home.Once upon a time, in a great metropolis, citizens used tokens to pay their fares to travel underground.  Eventually, the tokens were replaced with plastic cards that weren’t nearly as charming.  Thankfully, there’s a new use for the tokens in our New York Subway Token Cufflinks:

New York Subway Token Cufflinks

Isn’t that much better than throwing them all away?

One Fish, Two Fish

I think that these Enamel Scale cufflinks are great:

Enamel Scale Cufflinks

Design that is sophisticated and whimsical isn’t easy to pull off, but these do so nicely.  The combination of the fun, bright colors with the classic materials of enamel and silver is a win-win.  They would make a lovely gift for a guy who cares about design, or one whose wardrobe could use some subtle spicing up.

Retro Weekend: Rubik’s Cube Cufflinks

While I rather like puzzles, I never quite got a handle on the Rubik’s Cube.  I was pretty far from being one of those child prodigies who was able to solve it quickly, but also didn’t want to cheat by peeling off the stickers.  Despite my ineptitude in solving the cube, it remains an iconic artifact from my childhood, and I daresay that this is the case for many others as well.  To that end, these Rubik’s Cube Cufflinks would be a great gift for a late-twenty-to-thirty-something:

Rubik's Cube Cufflinks

All the familiarity without any of the difficulty.

Autumn in New York: Autumn Leaves Cufflinks

Although it won’t actually be autumn officially for a couple more weeks, it certainly feels like the season already here in New York.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Summer really is quite lovely, but I’d just about had it with the humidity, and arriving to all appointments just a bit sweaty regardless of what I was wearing.  I love the pleasant coolness of the fall, as well as the necessary wardrobe update.  For me, that includes updating my accessories as well.  In that regard, I think that these Autumn Leaves Cufflinks are perfect for the season:

Autumn Leaves Cufflinks

I think that these cufflinks are ideal accessories for any autumn occasion.

Bicycle Stamp Cufflinks

Last week, I both sold a bicycle and purchased a “new-to-me” one using the online classified website known as Craig’s List.  I had to do a bit of tinkering with my new bike, and also ordered a few replacement parts, but all in all, I pretty much broke even with the sale.  What’s more, through selling and buying used bikes, we did a wee bit to reduce excessive production of new bicycles, and prevented two from ending up in a landfill.  In that spirit, I present these Bicycle Stamp Cufflinks:

Bicycle Stamp Cufflinks

These cufflinks are made from old stamps, and bear unique markings as a result of their past life.  Much like my bike no longer resembles its original assembly line siblings as a result of my and the previous owner’s interventions, no two sets of these cufflinks are alike.  You could almost overlook the fact that these cufflinks are quite a deal, to boot. Almost.

For Luck

Some days, we all need a little bit of extra luck.  Perhaps you have an important day at work—or even an important interview.  Maybe, like Sky Masterson in “Guys and Dolls,” you’ve got everything riding on one game:

No matter how much you might need some good luck, don’t sweat it.  Stay cool and take a cue from Sky—whatever you do, do it with style.  To that end, these Black Lucky 7 Dice Cufflinks are perfect:

Black Lucky 7 Dice Cufflinks

They’re also way less macabre than carrying around the extremity of a dead rodent.  In addition to being superior to that other, supposedly lucky charm in terms of style and lack of creepiness, these cufflinks are green to boot because they’re recycled.

Getting Greener

Lately, there’s been some discussion of the recession ending, as well as when and how we can even determine the beginning and end of this phenomenon.  Regardless of the state of the economy, going “green” is a good idea, and can often save you some greenbacks.  These Sterling Dollar Cufflinks are a great way to celebrate the end of the recession while being “green” at the same time:
Sterling Dollar Cufflinks
On the off-chance that the economy doesn’t upswing as quickly as we hope, with these cufflinks, you’ll still be recycling, and can be comforted by the thought of having money on you when you wear them.

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