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Skull Cufflinks – The Ultimate in Scary Chic

Skulls symbolize many things. Whether you see them as something that speaks about mortality, cheating death, religious symbolism, or something else entirely, one thing always holds true, they look bad-ass and as cool as cool gets. Continue reading Skull Cufflinks – The Ultimate in Scary Chic

Gold Cufflinks Buying Guide: Beautiful Gold Cufflinks for Every Occasion

Throughout the ages, gold has been cherished, fought for, and passed down through generations as a sign of wealth, prosperity, and power. A pair of gold cufflinks makes for a bold statement. With gold it’s more than just a precious metal that is high-style, it’s the best of the best. It’s the highest end, the ultimate peak of style, class and all things high-end. Continue reading Gold Cufflinks Buying Guide: Beautiful Gold Cufflinks for Every Occasion

Commemorate the Final Season of Game of Thrones

Winter Has Finally Come

For years winter has been coming, the fate of the Iron Throne hanging in the balance, and it’s finally arrived with the epic final season of Game of Thrones.  If you need to catch up before its premiere, you can learn more about all the major characters, houses, and events at the HBO Game of Thrones’s Viewer’s Guide. Continue reading Commemorate the Final Season of Game of Thrones

Celebrate STEM & STEAM Day with Fun and Functional Cufflinks

National S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.A.M Day is a day intended to inspire students (of all ages, genders, and nationalities) to pursue understanding and careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  While the need for knowledgeable workers in these areas has increased, the number of students pursuing careers in these areas hasn’t kept pace.  So, whether you’re in one of those careers or simply want to show your support for STEAM and STEM, here are some ideas for adding a little function and fun into your wardrobe. Continue reading Celebrate STEM & STEAM Day with Fun and Functional Cufflinks

Holy Cufflinks Batman! It’s Batman Day

However you know him, love him, or fear him, it’s hard to ignore his awesomeness.  This September 15th, celebrate the Bat and all things Batman related on DC Comic’s Batman Day.  And don’t worry, we have your cufflinks covered! Continue reading Holy Cufflinks Batman! It’s Batman Day

Celebrate Summer with Super Cufflinks

Summer is Here and So Are These Awesome Cufflinks

The sun is shining, the beaches are busy, and summer is in full swing.  When the weather’s hot and the kids are out of school, it may be tough to be inside working. However, with the fun cufflinks below help you to bring summer into the office.  They’re also a great addition to your summer party when paired with a more casual button down shirt.

Summer Cufflinks for Surfers & Snorklers

Water calls to you, and there’s nothing you love more than grabbing your board or your mask and getting wet.  When you’re out of the water, you can reminisce about your past adventures and dream of your next ones with these cufflinks. Here are more surf and water-related cufflinks.

Diving Mask and Fin Summer Cufflinks
Diving Mask and Fin Cufflinks
Sterling Surfer Summer Cufflinks
Sterling Surfer Cufflinks
Windsurfer Cufflinks
Windsurfer Cufflinks
Long Surfboard Cufflinks
Long Surfboard Cufflinks











For The Backyard Pool Party

You may not be able to hang out by the pool when you’ve got to go to work, but with these cufflinks, you’ll be reminded of some of the tastes and activities you enjoy on the weekend.  Best of all, you can enjoy them in the comfort of air conditioning.

Silver Ice Cream Summer Cufflinks
Silver Ice Cream Cufflinks
Hot Dog Cuff Links
Hot Dog Cuff Links
Nice Melons Cufflinks
Nice Melons Cufflinks
Tommy Bahama Silver Flip Flop Summer Cufflinks
Tommy Bahama Silver Flip Flop Cufflinks











For Jet-Setting Travelers

Although you may not have a vacation coming up, that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan and imagine your next trip.  These cufflinks take you around the world by plane, train, and automobile.

Swaying Palm Trees Cufflinks
Swaying Palm Trees Cufflinks
Globe Cufflinks
Globe Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Jet Plane Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Jet Plane Cufflinks
Tommy Bahama Woodie Wagon Summer Cufflinks
Tommy Bahama Woodie Wagon Cufflinks










Enjoy the Summer Sun, Whether Working or Playing

Regardless of whether you’re working or playing, you can enjoy the summer fun and celebrate this time of year.  If you’re looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-4MY-CUFF and one of our helpful reps will be happy to help you.


Show Your Allegiance with Star Wars Cufflinks


Star Wars: Rogue One is out, and Star Wars fan everywhere are heading out to watch it.  If you’ve missed the hype, here’s the official trailer for you:

Sure, you can go to the theater dressed in jeans and a t-shirt like everyone else… OR you can really show up by wearing jeans and a casual button-down with an awesome set of Star Wars cufflinks.  By clicking the images below, you’ll be taken to the item’s details.


The Imperial Empire

Fans of the Empire can keep their universe in order with Darth Vader. Or they can take down any resistance with storm trooper cufflinks.  Or, you could choose a more subtle route and go with a simple Empire Insignia cufflink.

Imperial Empire Insignia cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Imperial Empire Insignia cufflinks
Darth Vader Head cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Darth Vader Head cufflinks
Stormtrooper cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Stormtrooper cufflinks








The Rebel Alliance

All you Rebels can show off your allegiance with an Alliance Insignia cufflinks.  Or if you prefer more mechanical options, grab a set of BB8 or R2D2 cufflinks.

Rebel Alliance Insignia cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Rebel Alliance Insignia cufflinks
R2D2 cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
R2D2 cufflinks
BB-8 cufflinks
BB-8 cufflinks








Flying Higher

Perhaps you’re more of a rogue (or perhaps you’re a scruffy-looking nerf herder…) and you just can’t imagine keeping your feet planted on the ground.  We have options for you! You can show your style with a pair of Millennium Falcon cufflinks, or you can choose a tie fighter/x-wing fighter set.

X-Wing & Tie-Fighter cufflinks (Star Wars)
X-Wing & Tie-Fighter cufflinks
Millennium Falcon Blueprint cufflinks (Star Wars)
Millennium Falcon Blueprint cufflinks









No matter what your allegiance or preferences, we have options for you. View the entire collection here. And may the Force be with you!

Corporate Gifts in Time for the Holidays

You may be wondering what kind of gift to get your boss, or maybe you are the boss and need gifts for your awesome employees. Don’t panic! We have several options that will make your holiday shopping simple and affordable! We’ve brought together some of our most popular corporate gifts to give you unique ideas this holiday season.

Custom Engravable Items


custom engravable cufflinks make wonderful giftsCustom Engraving is a great option for CEOs or high selling staff members. We have hundreds of engravable cufflinks to choose from, varying from the inexpensive to the high end. You can have your company logo engraved by our experts. Not sure how to get started? Call us and one of our personable sales associates will be happy to help you pick the perfect pair.


Custom Cases

Cases make great gifts

A cufflinks case is a fantastic gift for the well-dressed man in your office. With our wide selection of cases, we have something for every budget. Options include travel cases with zippers, impressive leather and glass cases, as well as luxury wood cases. Some of our cases even offer the opportunity to add a personalized plate. You can add dates, initials, or names. The choice is yours!



Custom Logo Items

Custom LogoCustom logo cufflinks, tie clips and lapel pins make a statement and are a wonderful way to say thank you to your boss or your employees! Our custom cuff links boast the bright colors of your company logo and are available in a range of shapes and finishes. We can accommodate almost any logo! Whether you’re a small business or a fortune 500 company, the possibilities are endless. Our dedicated team is available to guide you in your search for the perfect holiday gift. With several shapes and metal finishes to choose from, the possibilities are endless and we are here to help!


Career-Themed Cufflinks

Career Themed gifts

If you need something a little more immediate, try checking out our impressive selection of career-themed cuff links. From medically themed to construction equipment, we have dozens of styles to fit any industry.


We hope these suggestions have helped to point you in the right direction. If you’re still unsure, send an email to or give us a call at 407-253-5347 and our crew of cuff link experts will be happy to help!

Best Man Gifts for Every Style

CuffLinks Depot is so much more than cuff links! We can help you find a gift for any occasion, even weddings! We supply all sorts of personalized Best Man Gifts for the gentleman you chose to be up there with you on the most important day of your life! While our trained staff members can give you personable and professional care in helping with your order, we’d like to share some of our most popular options with you here!

Engraved Cuff Links

Beautiful Black and Silver Oval Cuff Links

Beautiful Black and Silver Oval Cuff Links

Our personal favorite is having a pair of cuff links engraved with your Best Man’s initials. We have several fonts to create a truly personalized gift. The pair featured here are in a bright silver finish with a black engravable surface. When the surface is engraved, it leaves a beautiful silver engraving for a high contrast two-tone effect. This type of gift is wonderful because of the ability to wear them for other occasions and would be a lasting memory of the day they stood up with you at the altar. And the best part is you can choose from hundreds styles!

Engraved Money Clip

Titanium Money Clip
Titanium Money Clip
Maybe your best man won’t be wearing cuff links or maybe he has more cash than he knows what to do with! An engraved money clip is a deeply personal gift that he can use ever day and be reminded of the close friendship you have and the significance of his presence at your wedding. This handsome money clip is classy and the diamond is a nice added detail. We have dozens of styles to choose from, and the personalization makes your options endless!

Sports & Novelty Cuff Links

Sterling Silver Enameled Basketball Cuff Links
Sterling Silver Enameled Basketball Cuff Links

Maybe traditional engraving isn’t your thing; we have thousands of sports and novelty cuff links to select for your Best Man’s gift. The personal touch of gifting a pair of cuff links that represent a hobby or activity you share can be just as special. These sterling silver basketball cuff links are perfect for such a gift. Not only can they be worn for a myriad of occasions, they serve as a lasting memento of your friendship. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a magnificent gift.

Men’s Accessory Boxes

Picture of a Wood Case
Handsome Wood Accessory Case

If your Best Man is into fashion and wearables, an accessory case may be the best direction for your thank you gift to him. This wood case is so versatile because of its varying compartments, row cushions, and pouch. We also offer leather cases that can have a metal engraving plate affixed to add initials or a special message. We have the largest selection of cases anywhere; with such a high quality offerings, the perfect gift is just a click away!

We have a wonderful new Groomsmen Gifts page to assist you with your search. The guide features suggested categories including custom cufflinks, humidors and tie clips!


Time to Hit the Beach With Some Summer Cufflinks Fun

The Cufflinks Depot staff are huge fans of the beach! The sun, sand and
waves are are so relaxing and it’s always a bummer when you’re stuck in the
office but you don’t have to be at the beach to show your love of the water.
Many designers find inspiration from the ocean and we decided to share some
of our favorite beach themed cuff links with you! Continue reading Time to Hit the Beach With Some Summer Cufflinks Fun

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