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Spider-Man Releases the Superhero in You

It’s Coming….

Spider-Man: Homecoming is releasing soon, and everyone is excited! If you love the Marvel Comic Universe, this is a can’t-miss, must-see movie.  SpiderMan: Homecoming continues the story of Peter Parker, who, after his last adventure with the Avengers, is determined to prove himself to the team and to Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man).  Of course, nothing goes exactly as planned, and Peter finds himself battling a dangerous enemy bent on vengeance: Vulture.  The ratings are up, and the reviews are positive, so be sure to buy your tickets and get ready to save the world (or at least New York City) again.

So, what does this have to do with cufflinks?  Everything!

Opening Night Glory

If you’re a true Spider-Man fan, you’re planning to attend opening night on July 7th.  You’ve read the comics, you’ve seen all the other films, you have the official (and unofficial) merchandise, and you’re an expert.  What better way to show your super-fan status than by sporting a pair of Spider-Man cufflinks at the big event.  At Cufflinks Depot we’ve got your back with a collection of great cufflinks to choose from.  You can choose from our selection (or see a sampling below) and be the best-dressed Spider-Man fan in the theater.  The only thing that would make these cufflinks more awesome is if they shot webbing.  But, if you can’t get a hold of Tony Stark to hook you up, these are the next best thing.

Crawling Spiderman Cufflinks
Crawling Spiderman Cufflinks
Spiderman Cuff Links
Spiderman Cuff Links
Spiderman & Web Cufflinks
Spiderman & Web Cufflinks








Part of the Team

Spider-Man is a teen who just wants to be a part of the team.  Having made his official debut in The Avengers: Civil War, Spider-Man can’t wait to join forces with the crew again.  You can team-up, too, with a pair of our other licensed Marvel Comic Universe cufflinks. With other Avenger heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk, you can wear your favorite heroes every day of the week.

Red Enamel Iron Man Cufflinks
Red Enamel Iron Man Cufflinks
Incredible Hulk Cufflinks
Incredible Hulk Cufflinks
Thor & Hammer Cufflinks
Thor & Hammer Cufflinks







Be a Hero, Too

Even Peter Parker had his day job (even if it was school).  You can be a hero, too, regardless of your day job.  Or perhaps even at your day job.  Taking it up a notch with a pair of these fun and classy cufflinks puts you a step ahead of all the others, and they’re a great way to remind yourself of the true hero lurking just beneath the surface.


If you can’t decide, or if you have questions, we’d love to talk to you.  You can contact us at 1-866-4MY-CUFF, and a friendly neighborhood support hero will be glad to help you out.


Personal Design: Engraved Checkered Edge Cufflinks

As you may know, our store carries a number of engravable cufflinks in a variety of shapes and finishes.  Our store also carries a number of designer cufflinks that are unique and stunning in their own right.  That said, these Engraved Checkered Edge Cufflinks present the best of both worlds:Engraved Checkered Edge Cufflinks

These cufflinks have classic lines, but remain unique.  Black and white checkers are striking, yet familiar, as they are found in all sorts of places.  The silver, square face of the cufflinks is an ideal medium for engraving as well.  These cufflinks are an ideal way to showcase a love of design as well as a personal sense of style.

Remains of the Day: New York Subway Token Cufflinks

As more and more parts of our lives that used to require vast numbers of physical objects-archives that needed paper, or music collections that needed record albums, for instance-get upgraded to digital formats that exist only as a series of zeroes and ones, what becomes of all of that stuff?  Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff will end up in a landfill, but some of it will find a new home.Once upon a time, in a great metropolis, citizens used tokens to pay their fares to travel underground.  Eventually, the tokens were replaced with plastic cards that weren’t nearly as charming.  Thankfully, there’s a new use for the tokens in our New York Subway Token Cufflinks:

New York Subway Token Cufflinks

Isn’t that much better than throwing them all away?

Rounding Out: Nordic Round Engraved Cufflinks

When I am in doubt about any aesthetic decision, I reach for the basic and classic because I know it always works.  If I open my closet and start staring at it without any idea of what to wear, I’ll eventually grab a pair something black, and pair it with a neutral.  When I we were looking to buy new dishes, we opted for white porcelain, as it complements all food.  The aesthetic appeal of a good classic piece is what makes it classic, and prevents it from getting boring.  These Nordic Round Engraved Cufflinks are a shining example:

Nordic Round Engraved Cufflinks

Their shape is an organic, familiar one—a dome—but less common for cufflinks.  They’d be lovely left as-is, or they can be personalized with initials 

Retro Weekend: Rubik’s Cube Cufflinks

While I rather like puzzles, I never quite got a handle on the Rubik’s Cube.  I was pretty far from being one of those child prodigies who was able to solve it quickly, but also didn’t want to cheat by peeling off the stickers.  Despite my ineptitude in solving the cube, it remains an iconic artifact from my childhood, and I daresay that this is the case for many others as well.  To that end, these Rubik’s Cube Cufflinks would be a great gift for a late-twenty-to-thirty-something:

Rubik's Cube Cufflinks

All the familiarity without any of the difficulty.

Bicycle Stamp Cufflinks

Last week, I both sold a bicycle and purchased a “new-to-me” one using the online classified website known as Craig’s List.  I had to do a bit of tinkering with my new bike, and also ordered a few replacement parts, but all in all, I pretty much broke even with the sale.  What’s more, through selling and buying used bikes, we did a wee bit to reduce excessive production of new bicycles, and prevented two from ending up in a landfill.  In that spirit, I present these Bicycle Stamp Cufflinks:

Bicycle Stamp Cufflinks

These cufflinks are made from old stamps, and bear unique markings as a result of their past life.  Much like my bike no longer resembles its original assembly line siblings as a result of my and the previous owner’s interventions, no two sets of these cufflinks are alike.  You could almost overlook the fact that these cufflinks are quite a deal, to boot. Almost.

Engraveable Cufflinks For All

This is just a little Friday reminder about our engraveable cufflinks.  They come in a variety of styles, are appropriate with both business and formal attire, and make a great last-minute gift in silver or gold.  This classic pair of Sterling Curved Cufflinks is a personal favorite of mine:

Sterling Curved Cufflinks

A few sets of engraveable cufflinks should be the foundation of everyone’s cufflink collection.

For Luck

Some days, we all need a little bit of extra luck.  Perhaps you have an important day at work—or even an important interview.  Maybe, like Sky Masterson in “Guys and Dolls,” you’ve got everything riding on one game:

No matter how much you might need some good luck, don’t sweat it.  Stay cool and take a cue from Sky—whatever you do, do it with style.  To that end, these Black Lucky 7 Dice Cufflinks are perfect:

Black Lucky 7 Dice Cufflinks

They’re also way less macabre than carrying around the extremity of a dead rodent.  In addition to being superior to that other, supposedly lucky charm in terms of style and lack of creepiness, these cufflinks are green to boot because they’re recycled.

Green Week is Coming!

Our store is going to be highlighting some of our greener offerings later this week.  To that end, I’ll be highlighting a number of our Recycled Cufflinks, which all contain materials which were originally made or used for another purpose.  Why?  When you reuse something by recycling its materials, you reduce the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill, and also reduce the amount of energy used to needlessly produce more stuff than necessary.

While I’ll be posting about new cufflinks that I haven’t discussed previously, I’m going to direct your attention to some previous posts so we’re all on the same page.  As you’ll see, using recycled materials does not at all limit design possibilities.  Feel free to check out my previous posts on cufflinks that use recycled materials here.

Remember the Time

While Michael Jackson was oftentimes a controversial figure, his passing last month reminded many of his music and performances.  I’m not going to eulogize or memorialize here, as that’s not the work of this blog, and others all over the ‘net have done so, but I thought I’d draw your attention to some tasteful Michael Jackson Cufflinks offered in our store…
Michael Jackson Cufflinks
…for all the fans who want to remember the time.

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