Deakin & Francis Cufflinks

Deakin & Francis is a luxury cufflinks manufacturer founded in 1786, well-known for some of the world's finest cufflinks. This renowned cufflinks manufacturer is family owned and has been managed by seven generations of the Deakin family. Based in England and often featured in movies and magazines world-wide, these cufflinks are recognized as some of the finest in the world.

Cufflinks Depot is proud to offer our customers an extensive collection of Deakin & Francis cufflinks. These cufflinks are crafted from genuine metals, including .925 sterling silver, and often incorporate vitreous enamel for a splash of bold color. If you're wearing a pair of Deakin & Francis cufflinks, it says something to those around you. It says that you care about elegance, pay attention to the details, and are willing to go the extra mile. Shopping at Cufflinks Depot means you have many Deakin & Francis designs to choose from. Looking for something in particular? Just let us know.