Affordable Cufflinks and Gifts

Amongst our cufflinks, the three most popular and affordable, and yet still well styled for formal dress, are the Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Murano Glass Cufflinks or Polished Metal Cufflinks. We offer several types of cufflinks that look classic to high fashion to just plain fun, but still carry special attention to craftmanship while still being affordable. Sterling Silver Cufflinks are shiny in appearance but tend to lose their lustre and tarnish with use. So while it does clean up with a polisher they have a degree of maintenance. The Murano Glass cufflinks are attractive and colorful and always handcrafted by artisans from the Venetian island of Murano. Murano cufflinks from certain designers can of course have higher value than others. A disadvantage to having cufflinks made from glass is that they can fracture or break apart if struck. Polished metal cufflinks have less of a shine than silver and can rust but are the most affordable and durable of the bunch. As always, our cufflinks can be special ordered in large quantities if you require gifts at an affordable rate.