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Lapel Pins 101: How to Choose & Wear Them

Lapel pins are a fantastic accessory because they are all about personal expression. They are an excellent way to elevate your style while adding a unique flair to your look. They are also a great way to show off your support for an organization, memberships you might have, or personal achievements.

Lapel pins come in various forms and styles. When choosing one to wear, there are several guidelines to keep in mind that will ensure you are appropriately dressed for your event. Keep in mind that when it comes to lapel pins, besides the basic guidelines the rest is all about your personal preference and expression.

What is a lapel pin?

The lapel pin is a classic accessory that is an easy and cost-effective way to customize your attire and enhance your style.  This small pin, usually worn on the lapel of a jacket, is often used to commemorate an achievement or to designate membership at certain businesses. Collecting these pins has become a popular hobby for some as the number of designs has increased and many popular businesses like Disney have made pin collecting a social activity.

Where, when, and how should I wear a lapel pin?

Lapel pins should be properly placed on the jacket to avoid them looking tacky. Below is a video that gives some good information about how to wear one properly.

Ultimately, lapel pins are a fun way to add class and “dapper” to a suit.  They also give men an additional way to express their own personal style through their accessories.

Types of Lapel Pins

These days, lapel pins come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the major types of lapel pins that we offer and see people wearing.

The Badge or Mini-Pin

When you see one of these lapel pins, you are looking at what most people think of when they picture a lapel pin. It is the little pin that you will see adorned to the lapel of a suit or dinner jacket. They are quite common at political events and charity campaigns. These types of lapel pins are small enough not to be a larger broach and are the perfect way to display your support for your various organizations. You can also get creative and adorn your jacket with a pin that expresses an aspect of your style or something you hold dear.

To give you some ideas, here are some of our favorite lapel pins. Keep in mind that we feature both engravable and fully customizable lapel pins.

The Long-Stem Pin

The long-stem lapel pin is best saved for the most formal of occasions. It features a small flower or delicate design that is attached at the end of a slender pin. These types of lapel pins are more formal and often feature precious gems, gold, or silver.

The Boutonniere

This type of floral pin is the most formal of lapel pins. It features a small flower bouquet that is tucked into the buttonhole of a suit jacket. It is most often seen at weddings but is known to be a feature of other elegant events as well.

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