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Designer Spotlight: David Donahue

To men of sophistication and refinement, David Donahue is the trusted name to turn to for authentic style and distinction.  Whether you are searching for the perfect accent piece, a cherished gift, or the ultimate in self-expression, David Donahue always delivers products with a high quality and lasting value.

Sterling Silver Money Clip by David Donahue
Sterling Silver Money Clip by David Donahue
18KT Vermeil Diagonal Striped Cufflinks by David Donahue
18KT Vermeil Diagonal Striped Cufflinks
Sterling Tie Slide by David Donahue
Sterling Tie Slide by David Donahue









Where  It All Began

David Donahue began in 1972 with the partnership of two men who decided to combine their names into their brand.  Their goal was to offer the very best line of men’s accessories. To date, they have been extraordinarily successful in achieving their goal.

Octagonal Onyx and Sterling Silver Stud Set by David Donahue
Octagonal Onyx and Sterling Silver Stud Set
Blue Basket Weave Cufflinks by David Donahue
Blue Basket Weave Cufflinks
Griffin Shield Cufflinks
Griffin Shield Cufflinks









With an initial focus exclusively on men’s accessories, in the 70s and 80s the business grew and became known as one of the industry’s best accessories companies. With the advent of a new CEO in the late 1990s, David Donahue was soon became a successful brand of accessories in all of the finest retail stores. In face, in some locations, they were the exclusive retailer source for men’s formal accessories, offering cufflinks, stud sets, money clips, and key rings.


The Company Expands

In 2003, the new CEO began expanding the company’s offering to include formal furnishings: bow ties, cummerbunds, formal ties, and vests.  This resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response from retailers, leading to high demand and the development of a collection of fine silk formal accessories.  And when they launched their formal wear collection using fine Italian and English silks, it was an instant hit.




Always eager to keep retailers and their customers satisfied, David Donahue expands again to include neckwear, a formal shirt collection, and dress shirts. All were a huge success.

Sterling Silver Paperclip Money Clip by David Donahue
Sterling Silver Paperclip Money Clip
Pink Paisley Cufflinks by David Donahue
Pink Paisley Cufflinks by David Donahue
Sterling Silver Etched Stripe Tie Slide
Sterling Silver Etched Stripe Tie Slide








Looking Forward

Today the company remains dedicated to getting it done no matter what.  The company philosophy is still to take a personal approach.   From .925 sterling silver cufflinks to 100% silk ties hand made in New York of the finest silks woven in Italy and England, the company is known for excellence at a great value. They call it “Accessible Luxury,” and they are among the best at delivering it.  

Sterling Silver Etched Engravable Money Clip
Sterling Silver Etched Engravable Money Clip
Smoked Pearl Stud Set by David Donahue
Smoked Pearl Stud Set
Engraved Sterling Tie Slide by David Donahue
Engraved Sterling Tie Slide by David Donahue









As the company continues to grow, David Donahue is continually looking for ways to better serve their customers.  They have not lost sight of the importance of maintaining product excellence.  Here at Cufflinks Depot, we are incredibly proud to offer a collection of David Donahue products to our discerning customers.  Whether you choose a pair of exquisite cufflinks, a handsome tie slide, or a distinctive money clip, we know that by choosing this designer line, you will be wearing the highest in quality and distinction. If you would like to talk to a customer service rep to help you choose the best product for your needs, we would be delighted to help.  Just call us at 1-866-4MY-CUFF.

Be the Star of Your Own Academy Awards

And the Oscar for Best Dressed Goes To You! 

The Academy Awards are coming up soon, and with it come office pools for who will win which award and ceremony watching parties.    Naturally, when watching stars and celebrities walk the red carpet dressed to the nines, it’s only fitting that you, too, should want to strut your stuff and show off a little of your own fashion fabulousness.


The Award for Most Unique Goes To….

You’ve got it all, and you’ve got a personality to match.  If you’ve got a personality that sets you apart from your peers, flaunt it with a pair of unique cufflinks that make you stand out in a crowd.  We offer all kinds of interesting choices. Whether you love movie memorabilia, are a sport fanatic, or are a serious foodie, there’s something here to make you the talk of the town.

Win the award with Silver Watch Movement Cufflinks
Silver Watch Movement Cufflinks
Win the award with Water Resistant Compass Cufflinks
Water Resistant Compass Cufflinks
Chocolate Cake Cufflinks
Chocolate Cake Cufflinks









The Award for Most Elegant Goes To…

When you walk into a room, heads turn and people notice.  You tend to be a trendsetter and a stylist’s dream.  Whether you’re wearing the latest designer suit or a bespoke shirt and jeans, you ooze elegance and refinement.  Don’t worry, we have you covered.  There are plenty of cufflink in our collections that can be engraved, or you can choose from one of our collections of precious stone cufflinks.

The award goes to Skultuna Gold Square Cufflinks
Skultuna Gold Square Cufflinks
Win the award with Deep Blue Murano Glass Cufflinks
Deep Blue Murano Glass Cufflinks
Win awards with Gun Metal Tateossian Butterfly Cufflinks
Gun Metal Tateossian Butterfly Cufflinks










The Award for Funniest Goes To…

You make people laugh… in a good way.  Your teachers and friends labeled you the class clown, and everyone wants you to come to their party because you always know how to make a good time even better.  Your cufflinks should reflect your fun and (sometimes even a little) irreverent personality.  Try the cufflinks below or one of the pairs in this collection.

Win the funny award with Rubber Chicken Cufflinks
Rubber Chicken Cufflinks
Mr. Perfect Cufflinks win every award
Mr. Perfect Cufflinks
Funny Lawyer Slogan Cufflinks
Funny Lawyer Slogan Cufflinks









The Award for Most Serious Goes To…

When it comes to life, you are a no-nonsense kind of guy.  If it needs to get done, you’re the one to go to.  You’re the one who organizes the office pool and keeps everyone honest, but you know how to enjoy yourself at the party.  Check out our career-related collections or let us help your style shine with some of these seriously solid cufflinks:

Win awards with Silver Tone Etched Caduseus Cufflinks
Silver Tone Etched Caduseus Cufflinks
The award goes to Chiropractor Cufflinks
Chiropractor Cufflinks
Win the family award with Custom Photo Cufflinks
Custom Photo Cufflinks









Make It an Award Winning Night

No matter who you want to win the Oscar, and no matter where you’re watching, you can let your personal style be the star of the night.  As always, we’re here to help!  Get a free gift and free domestic shipping with orders over $29.  Feel free to contact us at 1-866-4MY-CUFF if you need additional help with selecting the perfect pair for your night in the spotlight.

Collar Stays: What Are They & How Do You Wear Them?

What are Collar Stays?

Silver Metal Collar Stays
Silver Metal Collar Stays

Collar stays (also known as “collar tabs” or “collar stiffeners), are flat, rigid pieces of plastic or metal which are inserted in special pockets on the underside of dress shirt collars. These pieces keep the collar laying flat by adding weight and crispness to the light and flexible piece of collar fabric. Unfortunately, most shirts you buy will come with a set of cheap plastic collar stays, which are not very effective.  If you’ve ever worn a shirt and been frustrated that the corners curl or won’t lay flat, you’ve been the victim of cheap collar stays.


Thankfully, you have better options.  Metal collar stays are far more effective at keeping your collar looking crisp and professional.  The additional heft to the metal keeps your collar flat and rigid.  If your shirt has removable collar stay pockets (as opposed to having glued-in collar stays), you can exchange the flimsy originals for more substantial ones.


What Are Your Options?

Black Collar Stay Pack
Black Collar Stay Pack

Collar Stays come in many different materials. The most popular materials are stainless steel, sterling silver, 14K gold, and brass. Prices range from incredibly cheap to over $600!  If you’re really looking for something unusual, you can even find collar stays in ivory, horn, precious wood, or with diamond inlays!  Just be careful with some of the more ornate options since they absolutely must be removed prior to laundering.


If you really want to personalize your collar stays, some materials allow you to have them engraved.  This makes a nice gift for a stylish man in your life.  You can check out our entire collection here.


How Do You Wear Them?

It’s important when choosing collar stays to get the correct size. Some sets only come with 2 sizes, but it’s usually better to look for sets with 3 or more options so that you can choose different sizes depending on the shirt you are wearing.


The video below gives a good description of how to find the perfect size collar stay for your shirt – one that will keep your collar looking sleek without poking you in the neck.



So Should You Get Them?

If you are a man dedicated to looking sharp and professional, collar stays are a must.  Just be sure to purchase a shirt that has collar stay pockets when you go to the store, or as your tailor to make sure they’re there if you purchase a bespoke suit.


As always, we’d love to help you pick out your collar stays. We also offer engraving services to personalize your choice.  Give us a call at 1-866-4MY-CUFF and take advantage of our free shipping and gift for items over $29.

Cufflinks make a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Ah, St. Valentine’s Day – the day when we celebrate our significant others with romantic dinners, beautiful flowers, and gifts.  Often, we think of this holiday as a time to shower the women in our lives with jewelry and chocolate (or if you watch TV, it’s the perfect time to give them pajamas).  But, what about the men?


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love with a pair of cufflinks!  

Flowers wilt, chocolates melt, but cufflinks are forever.


Cufflinks with Personality

Every man is different – they have different interests, passions, and pursuits.  Thankfully, here at Cufflinks Depot, we have the largest selection of cufflinks and the ability to match almost any interest, passion, or pursuit with the perfect pair of cufflinks.
If your significant other is a sports lover, we offer cufflinks in a variety of styles.  We have cufflinks that are mini golf courses, football helmets, team logos, and even team memorabilia memorialized in a cufflink.  Check out our sports collections here.

Patriots NFL Super Bowl Game Ball Cufflinks
Patriots Super Bowl Game Ball Cufflinks
Hole-in-One Cufflinks
Hole-in-One Cufflinks
Orlando Magic Cufflinks
Orlando Magic Cufflinks









Perhaps movies, superheroes, and gaming are more his thing.  No problem! We have cufflinks with superheroes, gaming accessories, and movie memorabilia.

Dr. Who Dalek Cufflinks are great Valentine's Day gifts for Dr. Who fans
Dr. Who Dalek Cufflinks
Game Controller Cufflinks make great Valentine's Day gifts
Game Controller Cufflinks
Spider Man Bust Cufflinks make great Valentine's Day gifts
Spider Man Bust Cufflinks










Personalized Cufflinks

Sometimes the most elegant gifts are the most special.  Engraved cufflinks are handsome and unique, and they make incredible gifts.  These are particularly good for men who wear suits to work each day or who attend formal events regularly.  We offer engravable cufflinks in a wide variety of styles, to match any need.

Blue Borders Vermiel Engravable Cufflinks - perfect for Valentine's Day
Blue Borders Vermiel Engravable Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Navy Sunburst Engravable Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Navy Sunburst Engravable Cufflinks
Grove Black Matte Engravable Cufflinks - great Valentine's Day gifts
Grove Black Matte Engravable Cufflinks









Valentine’s Day Cufflinks

If your man is sensitive and sweet, you can show him how much you care (and that you’ve noticed and appreciate his openness) by choosing one of these special Valentine’s Day cufflinks.

Ruby Diamond Cufflinks - the perfect Valentine's Day gift
Ruby Diamond Cufflinks
Sterling Infinity Cufflinks - share your forever love
Sterling Infinity Cufflinks
Good and Bad Heart Cufflinks - the perfect Valentine's Day gift
Good and Bad Heart Cufflinks









The Perfect Opportunity

Ultimately, no matter who your man is, there is a cufflink to match his need and his personality.  We would love to help you pick out the right cufflinks.  For a limited time, you can even get 15% off your order of $50 or more, in honor of Valentine’s Day.  And, as always, you get a free gift and free shipping on any order over $29.  Shop around, or give us a call so we can assist you: 1-866-4MY-CUFF

Cufflinks: The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing and Wearing Cufflinks with Confidence

A Little History

Cufflinks have their origins in the 16th century in France (which is why you can wear them with a French cuff) and were initially a sign of royalty and high class.  Today, they’re still a sign of a man who understands style and wants a classy image.  Cufflinks have the remarkable ability to take a shirt from formal to casual simply by changing the style of cufflinks worn.


Although cufflinks have their roots in the 16th century, they didn’t become popular and widely accessible until the 19th century, with the dawning of the Industrial Revolution. According to one source:

“By the middle of the 19th century the modern cufflink became popular. The shirt front as well as collar and cuffs covering areas of the most wear were made sturdier. This was practical and when clean and starched, collars and cuffs underscored the formal character of the clothing. However, they could be too stiff to secure the cuffs with a simple button. As a consequence, from the mid 19th century onward, men in the middle and upper classes wore cufflinks. The industrial revolution meant that these could be mass-produced, making them available in every price category.”  


Today, cufflinks are available in thousands of styles, colors, and prices, making them an essential part of a well-dressed man’s wardrobe.


Cufflink Basics

Cufflinks are jewelry that take the place of a button on a dress shirt.  They can be made of many different materials, from precious metals to fabric. You can learn more about the different metals used in cufflink design here.


Types of Cufflink FastenersTypes of cufflinks

There are several styles of cufflinks. Real Men Real Style identifies eight different type of fasteners:

  • Whale Back Cufflinks have a flat head, a straight post, and a “whale tail” that flips completely flat against the post. They are very simple, and their large post and closing mechanism make them easy to use. This is probably the most common type of cufflink on the market.
  • Bullet Back Cufflinks are quite similar to whale tail cufflinks, but the post is a hollow frame, and the closing mechanism is a narrow cylinder of metal that nests inside the frame. To lock the links in place, the cylinder is flipped outward, leaving the frame in place as the post. This is often the most inexpensive type of cufflink.
  • Stud or Button Style Cufflinks have no hinge mechanism. Instead, they have a large head, a straight post, and a smaller, interior head or backing. The smaller head is tilted, worked through the buttonhole, and then straightened out to lock it in place. Once in place, they are quite secure, and the lack of moving parts makes them very durable.
  • Chain Link Cufflinks have two heads (usually identical) connected by a short length of fine chain. This creates a slightly looser fastening than other styles, with visible decoration on both sides of the closed buttonholes.
  • Ball Return Cufflinks have a curved post with a small, heavy ball opposite the decorative head. They provide a slightly looser fastening than hinged cufflinks, but a slightly tighter one than chain. They can be expensive when made in precious metals, as the size and weight of the ball adds considerably to the material cost of the item.


  • Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks use a hinge mechanism similar to the closure of a metal watchband. The entire post is the hinge: the cufflink swings open, the smaller end is slipped through the opening, and then the cufflink is swung shut once more, clipping the sides of the cuff together underneath the head. This is a contemporary style, and after a short learning curve is one of the easiest to use and most secure styles available. Want to grab a pair of quality locking cufflinks that I have personally tested and approve of?
  • Knot Cufflinks are similar to chain link, with two heads connected by a short, flexible length, but they are made of soft cord (usually silk) rather than metal, and the heads are decorative knots. The irregular surface of the knotwork makes this a more casual style, particularly when multiple colors are involved.



Clearly, cufflinks are not all the same, and depending on how you like to wear your shirt, there’s a cufflink style for you.  The video below shows each type of cufflink and explains how to attach your cufflinks to your shirt:


What to Wear When

So, when should you wear cufflinks?  Anytime!

If you’re headed to a formal event, a black tie or white tie event, you want to stick to classics.  Sterling silver, platinum, or gold, with simple, elegant designs are your best bets.  For a white tie event, you may want to dress up even further by wearing a set of cufflinks that includes a mother-of-pearl or other precious stone inlay.  For these events, though, you usually want to avoid overly flashy or “funny” cufflinks.  Below are some cufflinks that would be appropriate in a formal setting.

BAADE Mother of Pearl Cufflinks
BAADE Mother of Pearl Cufflinks
Trafalgar Onyx Inlay Square Stud Set
Trafalgar Onyx Inlay Square Stud Set
Sterling Oval Braided Edge Engravable Cufflinks
Sterling Oval Braided Edge Engravable Cufflinks









You can also wear cufflinks at work, particularly if you work in a setting with a strict dress code.  Wearing cufflinks with your shirt not only dresses up your suit, but it also allows you to project an image of power (or maybe playfulness) to others in the office.  By playing with different colors or patterns, you can make a subtle statement while letting your personality show through.  Below are some cufflinks that would be appropriate in a work setting.

David Donahue Sterling Red Stripe Cufflinks
David Donahue Sterling Red Stripe Cufflinks
Simon Carter Blue Damask Cufflinks
Simon Carter Blue Damask Cufflinks
Sterling Motherboard Cufflinks
Sterling Motherboard Cufflinks








While you may think that you can’t wear cufflinks in a casual setting, you would be wrong!  Cufflinks are perfectly acceptable in, and a really fun addition to, a casual wardrobe.  Team your casual shirt with a blazer and jeans, and you’re ready for a laid back day.  This is also the perfect time to wear cufflinks that really show off your fun (or funny) side.  Below are some cufflinks that would be perfect for a casual day.

Trout Fish Cufflinks
Trout Fish Cufflinks
Trumpet Instrument Cufflinks
Trumpet Instrument Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Large Alligator Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Large Alligator Cufflinks








If you need more ideas about what to wear and when, check out our article, “Choosing the Right Cufflinks for Every Occasion” that’s sure to give you plenty of options, no matter where you’re heading.



Need Help Putting Your Cufflinks On?

This is a handy video that shows how to attach your cufflinks to your shirt.  We also have this handy guide to picking the right shirt to wear with your cufflinks.

Want to Know More?

As always, we’d love to help you!  If you need personalized advice or have styling questions, please call us at 1-866-4MY-CUFF and one of our friendly associates will be happy to assist you.



Celebrate The NFL Playoffs with Cufflinks for Your Favorite Team

The NFL playoffs are here, football fever is rampant, and Fantasy Football is raging.  Football in America is one of its greatest past times, and everyone loves to celebrate their favorite team.  Most of the time, we watch on the couch, but during playoff season there are playoff parties and, the ultimate, the Super Bowl Party!  Here are some fun ways that you can celebrate your favorite team and make a statement, whether you’re at work or out cheering them on with your friends.


When shopping for your NFL cufflinks, there are several sporty options.  What’s your style?  Do you prefer to show off  your support and wear the team logo?  Or maybe you’d rather be more subtle and choose a cufflink shaped like a helmet?  Or, maybe you’re the die-hard, ultimate fan, and you’d like to own a piece of history by wearing a cufflink that incorporates a piece of your stadium seating or game ball (Yes! We have those, too!)?  Check out the options below for a few ideas that can take your team fandom to the next level.


Remember, all these officially licensed cufflinks are made on silver plated settings. Some even come with a free box lined with turf!  And, as always, shipping is free.  Click the items below to be taken to their listing, or check out the whole collection here.


Team Logo Cufflinks

Whether you prefer a simple logo or a cutout logo, these cufflinks let the world know which team you’re cheering for.  Several of these cufflink sets come with a special turf box.

Denver Broncos Cufflinks
Denver Broncos Cufflinks
Miami Dolphins Cutout Cufflinks
Miami Dolphins Cutout Cufflinks
Silver Finish Pittsburgh Steelers Cufflinks
Silver Finish Pittsburgh Steelers Cufflinks








Memorabilia Cufflinks

Own a piece of history with these limited edition cufflinks that incorporate actual pieces of stadium seats and footballs.  Only for the most devoted fans!

Lambeau Field Seat NFL Cufflinks
Lambeau Field Seat Cufflinks
Patriots NFL Super Bowl Game Ball Cufflinks
Patriots Super Bowl Game Ball Cufflinks
Veterans Stadium Seat Cufflinks
Veterans Stadium Seat Cufflinks








Other Fun Cufflinks

These cufflinks offer a chance to celebrate some of the things that make American Football unique, including helmets, footballs, and fields.

Sterling NFL Football Cufflinks
Sterling Football Cufflinks
Philadelphia Eagles NFL Field Cufflinks
Philadelphia Eagles Field Cufflinks
Sterling Silver NFL Helmet Cufflinks
Sterling Silver NFL Helmet Cufflinks
Kansas University NFL Needlepoint Cufflinks
Kansas University Needlepoint Cufflinks

BAADE II: Artisan Cufflinks (Designer Spotlight)

BAADE II is a family-owned, artisan jewelry company that is known as a leading manufacturer of men’s jewelry accessories for the past 26 years.  Started in 1988, in Atlantic City, BAADE II has been hailed by many connoisseurs as America’s very finest, artisan-crafted personal jewelry maker.  Their cufflinks have been featured in magazines such as Executive Travel, Aficionado, Forbes Life, and GQ.


The Story Begins

The BAADE story began when Mary Ann Paul, after following her military husband around the world, finally opened her own shop in Georgetown specializing in estate jewelry.  After receiving a degree in gemology, she became intrigued by the beauty of the many vitreous enameled pieces she sold and set out to learn the manufacturing process.

Burgundy Fleur Di Lis BAADE II Cufflink
Burgundy Fleur Di Lis BAADE II Cufflink


After spending time in the UK learning the intricacies of crafting these beautiful pieces of jewelry, she started her own jewelry business, naming it BAADE.  Twenty-six years later, her company still produces wearable art, with most of the vitreous enamel work continuing to be hand-crafted in the UK.

Avoiding a large range of “funky and novelty” jewelry, BAADE focuses on quality and classics that never go out of style – something that is different than what is usually found in larger department stores.

Despite the popularity of their products, BAADE remains a small company, and Mary Ann is very hands-on.


Vitreous Hand-Enameled Designs

Although BAADE has various styles to choose from, they are best known for their signature vitreous enameled cufflinks (this is not to be confused with the epoxy type “enamel” used by the majority of cufflink manufacturers today). 

Sterling Tiled Enameled BAADE II Cufflinks
Sterling Tiled Enameled BAADE II Cufflinks
Gold Octagon BAADE II Cufflinks
Gold Octagon Enameled BAADE II Cufflinks
Raspberry Floral BAADE Cufflinks
Raspberry Floral Enameled BAADE II Cufflinks










BAADE still uses old-fashioned tools and presses in the creation of their cufflinks, hand-crafting each one to ensure its quality and brilliance.  From the beginning stages in the old-fashioned drop press, to the final stages of hand clipping and soldering, close attention is paid to every detail.

Once the cufflink has been prepared, it’s ready for the vitreous enameling process which uses heat to fuse powdered glass, infused with oxides and minerals, to the sterling silver designed cufflink plate.  This method is sometimes called champleve or cloisonne, depending on the manner in which the enamel is applied.

The process of vitreous enameling goes back to ancient Egypt and produces a vibrantly rich kaleidoscope of colors that is near-legend in the unrivaled depth and intensity.  Creating this beautiful look takes time and attention to detail.

“Vitreous enamels are meticulously handcrafted by layering, then hand-polishing, layer-after-layer of wafer-thin, molten glass, one atop another.  Each added layer renders a quantum leap in color depth and intensity.  Each layer is painstakingly made by first firing powdered glass to 850 degrees Celsius, or 2800 degrees Fahrenheit.  …Once the molten lava has cooled to a wafer thin layer of colorfully transparent enameled glass, it’s fastidiously hand polished.  Then, another molten layer is poured atop it.  And again, diligently hand polished.  Over-and-over, the process is repeated until the vibrantly rich depth and intensity of desired color is achieved.”

This process is repeated an average of six times per color as each layer is painstakingly applied and added to each cufflink plate.  Then, to ensure a product that never tarnishes, each cufflink is electroplated with either rhodium (part of the platinum family of metals) or 18K gold.  The result is a piece of prized jewelry, characterized by a brilliant, non-fading, vibrantly rich color.


Our Selections

Royal Blue Floral Design BAADE II Cufflinks
Royal Blue Floral Design BAADE II Cufflinks
Red Dragon BAADE II Cufflinks
Red Dragon BAADE II Cufflinks
BAADE II Patriotic Cufflinks and Stud Set
BAADE II Patriotic Cufflinks and Stud Set








At Cufflinks Depot, we offer a large selection of BAADE II cufflinks and stud sets that are perfect for every occasion.  Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant design like these sterling tiled enameled cufflinks, something more fanciful like these red dragon cufflinks, or even something patriotic like this patriotic stud set, Cufflinks Depot can help you look your best and display your impeccable taste in designer cufflinks.  And don’t forget, we offer free shipping and a free gift on all domestic orders over $29.


How To Season Your New Humidor

Congratulations!  You got a brand new, beautiful humidor for Christmas!  It lovely and pretty and just sitting there because you’re unsure about what to do next.  Don’t put your cigars in it yet!  First, you need to season your humidor so that it keeps your cigars in pristine condition.


Your New Humidor

Florence Cigar Humidor (how to season your humidor)

A humidor is an airtight container for keeping your cigars and tobacco moist.  It’s important, when you first get a humidor, to season it so that it retains humidity better.  Although this process takes several days, it’s not complicated.  It’s definitely a process you’ll want to use, though, as it will preserve your cigars more effectively.  In fact, if you put cigars into a humidor before the wood has had a chance to absorb any moisture, it will absorb the moisture from your cigars and dry them out, ruining them!




Seasoning Your Humidor

Because humidors are wood, and wood is porous, you need to increase the moisture content of the wood so that it continues to maintain the proper humidity level.  

Start by wiping down the inside with a dry cloth (a damp cloth can cause the wood to warp).

Next, make sure your hygrometer is calibrated properly to ensure that it’s measuring the amount of humidity in your humidor accurately.  


The Wipe Down Method

This is one of the most popular methods because it’s very simple.  However, although it’s simple, if it’s not done properly you risk damaging the wood of your humidor.  For this method, you will need distilled water (it’s very important that you use distilled water to avoid any mineral deposits that could clog up or damage your humidor), a clean unscented sponge or cloth, and some patience.  


Get Your Humidor Ready

Start by dampening your sponge or cloth with the distilled water, then wipe down all the wood inside of the humidor, including the lid and any trays. Be very careful not to overly saturate the interior wood with water.   Once you’re finished, wipe down any wooden dividers and trays that came with your humidor using the same method and place them in your humidor.   

Next, moisten the sponge with more distilled water so that it’s damp but not dripping, then place it inside the humidor on a plastic bag (to avoid contact with the wood) and close the lid.  

Prepare your humidification device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.   Once the humidification element is filled, be sure to wipe it down to remove all the excess water. Rest it on a hand towel for approximately 30 minutes.


The Hard Part

Finally, close the humidor for 24 hours and wait. The next day, repeat the wipe down procedure using distilled water and the sponge, but do not leave the sponge inside this time, and wait another 24 hours.  

If you have a hygrometer inside the humidor, use it to ensure that your humidity level is between 68-70%. If the humidity is lower than 72% on the day after the second treatment, then repeat the wipe down procedure for a third time (you may also need to test your hygrometer or recharge your humidification device).  Once your humidor holds stead around 70-72% for 24 hours, it’s seasoned properly and you can safely load it with your cigars (your cigars will absorb some of the moisture and your humidor should stay around 68-70% humidity).


This video will give you a visual demonstration of how to season your humidor.


Other Seasoning Options

There are other ways to season your humidor, including one by Boveda, which offers a comprehensive set of instructions for how to use their products to properly seal and maintain your humidor.  If you are concerned about using the Wipe Down method, you may want to read up on their seasoning tools.


Another option is to use “Active” seasoning.  This is similar to the wipe down method, except that you start by placing the sponge in a bowl, and soaking it with distilled water or propylene glycol solution.  Then wring it out and place it in the cigar humidor on top of the plastic bag (to keep it from saturating the wood).  After you place the cigar humidifier (and any wooden trays or dividers) and hygrometer in the humidor, you close it up and wait for 48 hours.  

After 48 hours, the sponge should be completely dry. Remove it and refill the cigar humidifier by soaking it in water or propylene glycol solution again. Just like before, drain the excess liquid, place it back in the humidor, and close it for another 24 hours.  After another 24 hours, check the humidity level. It should be close to 70 percent. If it’s at 72-73 percent, that’s fine. If it’s higher than 74 percent, wait for another 24 hours and it should fall to the right level.


Now that you’ve properly seasoned your humidor, it’s time to load it up with your cigars!


Make Dressing Better Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year when we reflect back on the year that’s ending and look forward to the possibilities, hopes, and intentions for the new year ahead.  Many people begin the process by setting goals or making resolutions.  Often these include eating healthier, working out, stopping bad habits, and incorporating new habits.  No matter what your resolutions include this year, dressing better should be on your list.  There’s truth in the old saying: “Clothes make the man” (attributed to Shakespeare and Mark Twain). When you look good, you walk taller, with presence and power.  So, here are some ways you can step up your game and step out a little more stylishly.

Choose Stylish Shoes

A man who knows to dress better wears shoes that make a statement.One things that is most often overlooked when reconsidering a wardrobe is the area of footwear.  Yet, this is one of the first things that people (especially women) notice!  Many times you are sized up by the fashion on your feet.  If you’re sporting a pair of clean Converse shoes, you’re probably laid back and fun-loving.  If you’re styling a pair of suede chukkas or a pair of leather double monk strap dress shoes, you’re most likely a man who appreciates classy, well-made footwear.  Regardless, your footwear reflects your personality and style.  So, what do your shoes say about you?  If they’re not telling the world the story you want, then consider changing your shoes so they make the right statement.


Wear A Tailored Suit

On a casual day off, lounging at home with the family, or barbequing with friends, a nice pair of jeans and a relaxed button down with the sleeves rolled up is absolutely the way to go. But when you’re out-and-about, or heading to work, consider a slightly more elevated look.  Few things make a man stand out the way a tailored suit does.  Yes, you can certainly wear an off-the-rack suit, but it just doesn’t fit the way a tailored suit does.  And the right fit is everything, and it speaks volumes about your confidence and authority!

Plus, a tailored suit offers you multiple options for wearing it.  You can dress it up or down, add layers, or keep it simple.


“Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.”

Gay Talese, Author


If the details matter, and if you like commanding attention, a tailored suit is the first step in the right direction.  


A man who knows to dress better wears a tailored suit



Choose the Right Accessories

Accessories, when done well, can take a good outfit up a notch.  Items like a classy watch or belt always make a statement, but often it’s the little things that really catch people’s eyes (especially the ladies’ eyes).  Choosing the right tie pin, or wearing a pair of stylish cufflinks can really add a special touch. And, they can also help you to show off your personality a little bit, too.  We can help you find the right pair with our huge selection, or you can call us at 1-866-4MY-CUFF for personalized assistance.

David Donahue Red & Blue Basketweave Cufflinks
Gunmetal Purple Fiber Tie Bar
Rose Bowl Seat Memorabilia Cufflinks


Show Your Allegiance with Star Wars Cufflinks


Star Wars: Rogue One is out, and Star Wars fan everywhere are heading out to watch it.  If you’ve missed the hype, here’s the official trailer for you:

Sure, you can go to the theater dressed in jeans and a t-shirt like everyone else… OR you can really show up by wearing jeans and a casual button-down with an awesome set of Star Wars cufflinks.  By clicking the images below, you’ll be taken to the item’s details.


The Imperial Empire

Fans of the Empire can keep their universe in order with Darth Vader. Or they can take down any resistance with storm trooper cufflinks.  Or, you could choose a more subtle route and go with a simple Empire Insignia cufflink.

Imperial Empire Insignia cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Imperial Empire Insignia cufflinks
Darth Vader Head cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Darth Vader Head cufflinks
Stormtrooper cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Stormtrooper cufflinks








The Rebel Alliance

All you Rebels can show off your allegiance with an Alliance Insignia cufflinks.  Or if you prefer more mechanical options, grab a set of BB8 or R2D2 cufflinks.

Rebel Alliance Insignia cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
Rebel Alliance Insignia cufflinks
R2D2 cufflinks (Star Wars cufflinks)
R2D2 cufflinks
BB-8 cufflinks
BB-8 cufflinks








Flying Higher

Perhaps you’re more of a rogue (or perhaps you’re a scruffy-looking nerf herder…) and you just can’t imagine keeping your feet planted on the ground.  We have options for you! You can show your style with a pair of Millennium Falcon cufflinks, or you can choose a tie fighter/x-wing fighter set.

X-Wing & Tie-Fighter cufflinks (Star Wars)
X-Wing & Tie-Fighter cufflinks
Millennium Falcon Blueprint cufflinks (Star Wars)
Millennium Falcon Blueprint cufflinks









No matter what your allegiance or preferences, we have options for you. View the entire collection here. And may the Force be with you!

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