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Have a Happy Holiday with Festive Accessories

The holidays are here, with all their hustle and bustle.  They also bring the perfect opportunity for unique and playful accessories, like tie clips and cufflinks.  As you attend parties, gatherings, services, and celebrations, show off your childlike wonder and festive fun. Choose items that celebrate the things that are most important to you this holiday season.


Holiday Parties

Between Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, and Saturnalia, December is packed with excitement and partying.  Some parties are more solemn, and others are boisterous. But regardless, there are great options to help you stand out in the crowd.  Maybe you get to play Santa to the children, or maybe you are in charge of passing out the gifts.  Maybe you mix the drinks to keep the party spirit flowing, or maybe you’re mixing the holiday tunes to keep things jolly.  Check out all the holiday options with our selection of holiday cufflinks.

Red Christmas Ornaments are fun for the holidays
Red Christmas Ornaments
Blue Wooly Hat Cufflinks are fun for holiday celebrations
Blue Wooly Hat Cufflinks
Snowmen Cufflinks are a fun holiday addition
Snowmen Cufflinks










Family Gatherings

One of the best parts of the holidays is getting together with family and friends.  With families spread all over the country, or the world, you may not get to see your family as often as you’d like.  But the holidays present the perfect time to gather and celebrate and catch up on news and family happenings.  Since everyone is so far-flung, family members often have to travel great distances to be together. It’s thoughtful to welcome these much missed ones with a gift.  A fun gift like a pair of cufflinks, a necktie, or a simple tie clip, from one of our collections, is a nice way to say thank you for coming.

Gunmetal and Purple Fiber Tie Clip
Gunmetal and Purple Fiber Tie Clip
Silver Silk Necktie
Silver Silk Necktie
Pewter Stag Cufflinks
Pewter Stag Cufflinks











Religious Events

The holidays bring many religious events and gatherings.  You may be heading to church for a Christmas eve service or mass.  Or maybe you’re lighting candles, making a Bodhi tree with your children, or feasting during Saturnalia.  Depending on the solemnity of your religious event, you may want to choose from one of these elegant engravable items, or you may prefer to have a little fun with these more playful cufflinks.

Sun and Moon Face cufflinks - beautiful holiday options
Sun and Moon Face Cufflinks
Buddha Cufflinks for the holidays
Buddha Cufflinks
Starburst Cross Cufflinks for the holidays
Starburst Cross Cufflinks










Blue Menorah Cufflinks
Blue Menorah Cufflinks

Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. The nightly lighting of the menorah is a reminder of the miracle that took place long ago.  This Hanukkah, you can wear that reminder on your cuffs (and you won’t have to worry about catching them on fire).  These beautiful menorah cufflinks will make you the envy of the party as you sing the dreidel song and eat latkes.





New Year’s Eve

Who doesn’t love welcoming in the new year with a celebration.  The champagne flows and the night glitters.  Everyone is happy, expecting great things of the upcoming year.  Whether your New Year’s Eve party is a black tie affair or a casual get-together to watch the fireworks, you can look your best and show off your hopes and dreams for the new year with our collection of Christmas & New Years cufflinks.

Sterling Silver Champagne Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Champagne Cufflinks
Green Christmas Tree Cufflinks
Green Christmas Tree Cufflinks
Champagne Cufflinks
Champagne Cufflinks







Choosing the Right Cufflinks for the Stylish Man

Cufflinks are the hallmark of a stylish, well-dressed man.  And, these days, there are lots and lots of choices when it comes to picking a pair to wear or to gift.  With that in mind, here are some things to consider when choosing cufflinks:

Consider What’s Right for the Occasion

Occasion is probably the first thing most people think about when purchasing cufflinks. Chances are, you already have an occasion in mind, and that’s why you’re shopping.  However, although cufflinks are a great Santa's Boot cufflinks - choosing the right cufflink for holidaysaddition to almost any event, not every cufflink is necessarily appropriate for every occasion.  

For example, if you’re going to a white tie wedding, you’ll probably want to pick cufflinks that match the formality of the event and steer clear of silly or flashy cufflinks and pick a more elegant, refined pair of cufflinks.  You might want to consider our collection of engraved cufflinks.  Or look for ones that are pure silver, or silver and black with small crystals, like some of the ones here.

On the other hand, if you’re headed to a holiday party, you may want to wear cufflinks that are more reflective of your festive spirit, like the ones in this fun collection.


Make a Statement About Your Interests & Hobbies

Although you may not want to wear fun or flashy cufflinks to the most formal events, there are plenty of times when it’s completely appropriate to show off your interests and hobbies.  Cufflinks are one easy way to make a statement without saying a word.

If you enjoy surfing or sailing, you might like this selection of marine-focused cufflinks.

Red Ferrari Cufflinks - choosing the right cufflinks for your interests

Or perhaps cars are more your thing.  We have a fun collection of automobile-related cufflinks.

Maybe you have read every comic book, or seen every superhero movie ever produced.  We’ve got you covered there, too.  One of our licensed, themed collections may be just what you’re looking for.

Regardless, we have over 3,000 unique styles for you to explore.


Pick the Right Colors & Metals

When choosing cufflinks, you should also consider colors.  Silver, gold, white, and black are the easiest colors to match with an outfit, and more classic styles match these with crystals or gemstones.  However, brighter colors, like  red, pink, or purple, stand out more and may be a good choice for confident and stylish men who will pair them with suitable shirts and suits.  


Always Match Your Shirt

Cufflinks should match your shirt color, so you should choose cufflinks that will complement your shirt.

White shirts are very versatile and lend themselves well to a wide variety of cufflinks.  Here, you’re safe to play with colors and shapes, depending on your occasion.

Beautiful Sterling silver blue floral cufflinksBlue shirts are also classic and they pair well with cufflinks that have some blue in them.  You can choose cufflinks with different shades of blue, or stick with simple, elegant monochromatic options.  It’s easy to search by color: simply enter your search term and then use the filter choices to view cufflinks that match your selection.  Here are some by Baade that might work beautifully.

More and more often, it’s becoming appropriate to wear a wider variety of colors. As with blue shirts, try to match your cufflinks to your shirt color by filtering cufflinks to match the color or shade of your shirt.

Patterned shirts can seem daunting, but it’s not as challenging as you’d think as long as you stick to a single-colored cufflink.  Silver is fashionable and always acceptable, so by choosing silver you open up the possibility of subtly showing off your personal style through your choice of shape and design.


The Perfect Choice

Cufflinks are the perfect accessory, just about anywhere you’re headed.  If you’re struggling to figure out the best choice, we’d love to help you.  Feel free to contact us by calling toll-free 1-866-4MY-CUFF.  As always, orders over $29 ship free and include a free gift!

20 Wedding Cufflinks No Matter What Your Style

Even though the wedding may be several months away, many grooms-to-be are planning and purchasing their suits and accessories for themselves and their groomsmen.  Brides-to-be may also be trying to find the perfect gift for her soon-to-be husband. We know planning and dressing for weddings can be stressful, so this guide is a helpful tool that offers you some ideas no matter whom you’re buying for.

Engravable Cufflinks

One of the most popular choices for grooms and groomsmen when dressing for a wedding are engravable cufflinks.  Engravable cufflinks are cufflinks that have the wearer’s initials etched into them using a machine.  There are several engraving style options to choose from, including both elegant and simple designs, and we have a multitude of cufflink styles that let you show off your personality.  You can explore all our engravable cufflinks here.

Gunmetal & Steel Cutaway Engravable Cufflinks
Gunmetal & Steel Cutaway Engravable Cufflinks
Shield cufflinks are great for weddings
Shield cufflinks (engravable)
Gold Finish Engravable Cufflinks
Gold Finish Engravable Cufflinks

Stud Sets

Stud sets are another popular accessory choice, because they provide a matching set of studs and cufflinks. With a stud set, your shirt attachments will fashionably match, and stud sets can give you an opportunity to add a little sparkle, or a little silliness, to your suit (depending, of course, on what is appropriate for your event). Browse our entire collection of stud sets here.

Gold and mother-of-pearl stud set
Gold and Mother-of-Pearl stud set
Grand Prix silver stud set
Grand Prix silver stud set
Fleur De Lis stud set
Fleur De Lis stud set


Groomsmen Cufflinks

Groomsmen graciously give up their time to help their friend to celebrate, and it’s fitting that they receive a token of your gratitude.  Cufflinks Depot offers a wide range of cufflinks created specifically for groomsmen, including ones that say Best Man (so your best man can show off his status), ones that are heart-shaped, engravable cufflinks, and even some humorous options.  You can view all our groomsmen cufflinks here.

Best man humor cufflinks
Best Man Humor cufflinks
White Heart cufflinks
White Heart cufflinks
Engravable Silver Crystal cufflinks
Engravable Silver Crystal cufflinks


Color Themes

Every wedding has a color theme, and to make your bride happy, you’ll want to make sure you match the rest of the bridal party.  To that end, you can find many cufflinks in a wide variety of colors.  Cufflinks Depot gives you the ability to narrow your search by color so that your hunt for the perfect pair is easier.  If you can’t find just what you’re looking for, we offer customized cufflinks to help meet your specific needs. You can view some of the options here, or feel free to email us at info@cufflinksdepot.com or call us directly today 407-253-5347 to discuss how we can help you look and feel fabulous on your special day.

Aquamarine Bar cufflinks
Aquamarine Bar cufflinks
Blue and Violet Striped sterling silver cufflnks
Blue and Violet Striped sterling silver cufflinks
Sterling Green Paisley cufflinks
Sterling Green Paisley cufflinks


Nautical & Beach Themed

Beach weddings and boat weddings are intimate and beautiful.  But whether you’re going a little more casual, or you’re a boat captain looking for a little something extra, we offer a variety of options to you.  From starfish to anchors to lobsters, you can explore our collections of nautical and beach themed cufflinks.

Moving Lobster cufflinks
Moving Lobster cufflinks
Sterling Starfish cufflinks
Sterling Starfish cufflinks
Silver Brushed Yacht cufflinks
Silver Brushed Yacht cufflinks


Bargain Cufflinks

Just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous!  You can find a whole collection of cufflinks priced under $29!  Whether you’re looking for something classic or something that shows off your hobbies, there’s something for everyone here.

Onyx and Abalone Mosaic Cufflinks
Onyx and Abalone Mosaic cufflinks
Blue Fish cufflinks
Blue Fish cufflinks
Double Striped Engravable cufflinks
Double Striped Engravable cufflinks


Other Novelty Themed

Maybe you’ve looked through everything above and just can’t find something that expresses your feelings or your passions.  Explore some of the novelty themed collections like our licensed Marvel or DC Comics collections, our sports or career themed collections, or even holiday themed collections for weddings that are near any number of holidays.

Iron Man Helmet cufflinks
Iron Man Helmet cufflinks
Soccer Ball and Shoe cufflinks
Soccer Ball and Shoe cufflinks
Gunmetal Snowflake cufflinks
Gunmetal Snowflake cufflinks


Ultimately, regardless of your theme, color choice, or even budget, there’s a cufflink here to help you look your best, impress your bride, or say thank you to your loved ones and friends.  Cufflinks Depot can even help the procrastinator! We ship your order the same day when you order by 3pm EST, including engravable items!  And, on orders over $29, we ship your cufflinks for FREE and include a FREE gift for you.  If you need help with your order, please call us at 1-866-4MY-CUFF.

Engraving vs. Monograms: What’s the Difference?

It’s easy to get confused about the difference between engraving and monograms.  But although they seem similar, they are in actuality, quite different.  Let’s explore them a bit more.


Defining Each

Monogram: Paul K via Flickr
Monogram: Paul K via Flickr
Engraving example
Engraving: Wikimedia

According to the dictionary, a monogram is a set of entwined letters that is part of a decorative design. It’s often used as a logo or to identify a person or person’s possessions.  Most commonly, you’ll see the larger middle letter that refers to the person’s last name.  Many times, when couples are married, they create a monogram that is displayed on their napkins and party favors. Sometimes they even incorporate it into their attire as a symbol of their new union.

An engraving is different. Engraving is the process of cutting or carving a design into a hard surface.  Although anything can be engraved into a surface, it’s most common to engrave something into metal, glass, or wood.  And one of the most common things to have engraved into an object is a monogram!

So, monograms are a set of letters that can be printed or engraved.  Engraving is the process of carving a monogram into an object, like a cufflink or a money clip.


How Does Engraving Work?

The video below shows a variety of pieces being machine engraved.

As you can see, machine engraving is extremely precise, allowing for a high level of detail.  At Cufflinks Depot, we use a machine to engrave our custom items to ensure that your product is exactly what you envision.


Items That Can Be Engraved

Blue round engravable cufflinks
Cufflinks ready for engraving

Engraved items make wonderful and special gifts for all kinds of events, particularly weddings or birthdays.  They offer the opportunity to give a gift that is unique and meaningful.

Because there are many reasons why you may want to purchase engravable items, we’ve made it super easy to find the perfect item!  We offer engraving on over 300 items in a variety of categories, including cufflinks, money clips, key rings, and even humidors!  You can see all the categories of engravable items here.

Engraving can be done in many different fonts and in two styles: Monogram or Text.

The Monogram style is where the last name initial letter is in the middle and is larger than the other letters.

Engravable round black cufflinksText style is where all letters are the same size and in the order as you would normally read them: First name initial, middle name initial and last name initial.  Some items even allow for short words to be engraved.

Don’t forget, when you order with us by 3pm, we will ship your product the same day (even engravables!).  And, orders over $29 ship for free and include a free gift!  Feel free to contact us at 407-253-5347 or 1-866-4MY-CUFF with special requests.

Use Cufflinks to Dress Up Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is spooky enough with all the ghosts and ghouls, but your costume doesn’t have to be just plain scary.  As you enjoy all the parties and masquerades and trick-or-treating, nobody wants to be “just another” vampire.  So, if you want to be unique this year, consider a couple more fanciful options that dress up traditional costumes and help you truly stand out.


The Aristocrat

You already know you belong in the company of royalty and greatness.  This halloween, you can dress up as an aristocrat or even royalty!  Unfortunately, many costumes come with cheap ornamental “jewelry” which can make your classy aristocrat look a little lackluster.  By substituting real cufflinks for the cheap plastic ones you’d normally get, you can take your costume to a whole new level.  You lady will thank you!  Check out our entire selection of designer cufflinks here.


The Spy

Jade martini cufflinks are great for a presidential costumeMany men (and women) imagine being a spy one day.  The James Bond music in the background, fancy car cruising down the street, and an impeccably tailored suit, all while nonchalantly drinking a martini, dry, shaken, not stirred.  This halloween that dream can be a reality (at least for a night).  Don your fanciest suit, choose from this selection of super classy martini cufflinks and you’re ready to saunter confidently through the crowds. You can even smuggle in a secret message!  Now all you need is a drink.


The President

Presidential seal cufflinks are perfect for your halloween costumeEspecially this year, with the elections right around the corner, one of the scariest costumes around may be the (potential) commander-in-chief costume!  However, just because there’s tons of mud-slinging going on in the race to the White House, you can be the classy third-party option (or at the very least, be a classier version of one of the presidential hopefuls).  All you need is the right pair of cufflinks (like these presidential seal cufflinks), and suddenly you’re ready to take on the world.  Try these cufflinks to make this halloween your most powerful and elegant to date.


The Steampunk Gentleman

Gun-metal gear cufflinksSometimes just being a gentleman isn’t enough.  The steampunk gentleman is in a class all his own.  The funky and fun stylings and accessories make this the perfect opportunity to show off your playful side.  Added to your steampunk jacket or to your shirt, these clever gun-metal gear cufflinks are just the thing to make your trendy costume even more elegant.


The Gangster

Sometimes you just need to let your bad boy side out.  This halloween, don a gangster costume and walk on the dark side of the street.  But, don’t just be any gangster.  Be the mob boss with style!  With a nice pair of Russian roulette cufflinks you’ll be the envy of all the other gangsters.  Making a “deal” in this outfit will be a steal!


The Vampire

Ruby cufflinks make your vampire costume classyVlad, the legendary vampire, was aristocratic and suave.  By dressing up your vampire costume with elegant ruby cufflinks, like the ones pictured, you can be every bit the elegant bloodsucker.  A subtle twinkle on your wrists is just the thing to help you lure your unsuspecting victim in! You can find our entire line of designer cufflinks here.

5 Events Where Cufflinks Should Be Worn

It’s easy to think of cufflinks as something a man may only wear once or twice in his life. However, this is not the case. There are many events that where cufflinks should be worn.  Here are five of the most common ones.


At a Charity Gala Event

Try Elephant cufflinks for a zoo charity event.

Charity Galas are elegant and beautiful affairs, full of women in glittering jewels and lovely gowns.  For men, it’s an opportunity to wear your own set of jewels: your cufflinks.  When dressing for a charity gala, men are often asked to wear a tuxedo to match the drama and formality of the occasion. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still show your style, though.  For example, if you are attending a charity gala to raise money for your city’s zoo or animal rescue organization, you could choose one of these fun animal cufflink sets.



At an Evening or Formal Wedding

Evening or formal weddings are the most common events where cufflinks are expected.  Of course, all male members of the bridal party should wear cufflinks; however, in the case of evening and formal weddings, guests are usually asked to dress “to the nines,” complete with appropriately formal bow ties and cufflinks.  Cufflinks also make a wonderful groomsmen gift.



A Night Out on the Town

Mr. Perfect cufflinks - perfect for a casual event or night on the townCufflinks aren’t just for formal and fancy events!  Even though that’s what we often think of first, cufflinks can be work for a pleasant, relaxed night on the town.  Since men don’t have as many options as women when it comes to dressing up their outfits, cufflinks make the wonderful accessory and let you show off your personal style, as well as your personality, hobbies, and interests, like with these fun Mr. Perfect cufflinks.  It’s the perfect time to have a little fun while staying classy.



In the Boardroom or at the Office

Most people wouldn’t think of wearing cufflinks to the office because they may hole-in-one cufflinks - fun during boring presentationsbe seen as overly formal for the environment. However, according to the Art of Style, “it is generally acceptable for senior employees and executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, and Managing Directors, to wear cufflinks on a normal basis since wearing them sends a signal of power…”  If you fall into one of these categories, wearing cufflinks can be a subtle sign of power, especially in a boardroom. You may consider one of these classy, engraved cufflinks to enhance your office wardrobe.


Another option in the office would be these roaring lions, that allow you to show off your powerful side, or these fun hole-in-one puzzle cufflinks that will help you stay awake during a boring presentation.



At a White Tie Event

Beautiful sterling silver and pearl cufflinks - the perfect choice for a white tie event.

A white tie event is by nature very formal with a strict dress code.  When invited to one of these events, such as a formal parties, the opera, and, if you’re really in-the-know, a White House dinner, male guests are expected to dress as elegantly as possible.   This includes a white full-dress shirt with white shirt studs, and white cufflinks. With these gorgeous sterling silver and pearl ones you can be the best dressed man at the event.



Of course, there are many other times and places you may wear cufflinks. Hopefully this has given you a few ideas so that the next time you get that invitation, you know just what to wear.

Cufflinks? How to Pick the Right Shirt

Cufflinks are often associated with fancy dinners and formal events. However, in more recent years, the rules have changed, and cufflinks have become a trendy accessory for the stylish man.  

New Rules for Cufflinks

Casual man wearing cufflinks
Cufflinks can be casual, too. (Image: Wikimedia)

For generations, well-dressed men have been wearing cufflinks. Today, modern wearers benefit from changing styles and updated trends.  One example of this is the rule that once stated cufflink-wearers must wear a jacket.  Thankfully, that’s changed, and it’s become acceptable to wear cufflinks without a jacket. This allows the cufflinks to be worn in more casual situations and with more laid-back clothing options, such as jeans!


Are All Shirts Equal?

For someone who hasn’t ever worn cufflinks before, the question of whether a shirt is suitable may seem strange, or even a little pretentious.  But when picking your shirt, you really must be careful. Since buttons are quite different from cufflinks, the type of cuff you choose can dictate the type of fastener you need to use.

The Barrel Cuff

Most men’s dress shirts sold today come with buttons on the cuffs.  This type of sleeve is called the barrel cuff and comes with either one button or two.  The two button double-fold cuff (known as the cocktail cuff or Portofino) was made famous by the superspy, James Bond.

However, if you want to wear cufflinks there are two other types of shirts that you may choose from: french cuffs or single cuffs.

French Cuffs

Double fold cuff with cufflink
French cuffs (Image: Pixabay)

French cuffs are more formal than barrel cuffs. They have extra length that is folded back and fastened with cufflinks.

This is the style of cuff that most people think of when they imagine a wedding or a semi-formal event. But although this is a popular cuff for tuxedo shirts, this style has recently become more popular in the business world, particularly in Europe.  It’s even become an acceptable option for everyday wear since it gives even something as laid back as jeans a more classy look.  

This is a nice bonus, because it means you can wear your cufflinks more often and to more places.


Single Cuffs

H96855300 - tuxedo setSingle cuffs are even more formal than French cuffs and are basically double cuffs without the fold, fastened with cufflinks.  Since they are so formal, they are typically only worn for white tie events and are a preferred option for black tie events.  We have a wonderful selection of tuxedo sets that will take your look up another notch.


So, What Should You Choose?

Although some shirts that you purchase may allow you to wear either option, ultimately, if you want to wear cufflinks, you’ll need to make sure your shirt has holes in the cuffs rather than having only buttons.  If you aren’t sure how to wear your cufflinks with your french cuff shirt, the video below may be helpful.

Cufflinks are a great way to show your style, and Cufflinks Depot offers a huge variety of styles, from casual to designer, and from novelty to engravable, for you to choose from.  With over 5000 products, and orders that ship the same day ordered, we want to help you look your best, no matter the occasion.

Cufflinks Depot at the NBA Draft

The NBA Draft has Never Looked so Good!

Cufflinks Depot is proud to have been a part of the 2016 NBA Draft in Brooklyn, NY.

A group of Dapper Gentlemen!
A group of Dapper Gentlemen!

Draftees Dragan Bender (4th overall pick over from the Phoenix Suns), Wade Baldwin IV(17th overall pick from the Memphis Grizzlies) and Caris Levert (20th overall pick from the Brooklyn Nets) were supplied custom cufflinks, tie bars and lapel pins all created by Cufflinks Depot. For the big occasion Dragan and Wade chose Custom Engravable Round Black Cufflinks (83BCL7046R) and Caris went with our Custom Logo Cufflinks (CUSTOMLOGOSS) in his alma mater, the University of Michigan, colors. All three athletes looked amazing when they took the stage!

Designer Spotlight: Deakin & Francis

Deakin & Francis Means Quality

If you’re a seasoned cufflink collector, you know that Deakin & Francis is synonymous with quality. Established in 1786, they have been creating the most desirable designs for over 200 years and we are proud to carry their expertly crafted cuff links. The company has changed hands throughout the generations but they have never lost their royal quality. Each pair of cufflinks is lovingly hand-crafted and we would like to take the opportunity to examine the artistry of a few of our favorite designs.

Itsy Bitsy Glitzy Spiders

These gorgeous spiders are not for the faint of heart!

These spiders have personality! They feature a pavè setting of beautiful black spinel. Spinel is a semi-precious stone that has a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making them a pleasure to use in jewelry because of their durability. The cufflinks themselves are a bright .925 sterling silver but the web of the cufflinks are plated in a rose gold for an exquisite contrast with the gunmetal finishing of the spider.The genuine ruby eyes add a fun detail that brings these arachnids to life!

A Skull Full of Style


Talk about details! These sterling silver, hand-enameled, movable skull cuff links are a must-see! When you pull the jaw down, his genuine diamond eyes pop out for a fun effect. Don’t let the quirkiness of these cufflinks distract you from the stunning about of detail in the enamel; carefully hand applied to add depth and character to each piece. Deakin & Francis actually has a few of these functional jaw skull cufflinks; you can collect them all and wear whichever fits your mood the best that day!

It’s All in a Days Work at the Market

Bull and Bear

You can now be prepared wherever the market stands! These Bull and Bear cufflinks are one of our most popular styles for the site. The beautifully oxidized sterling silver brings out the rugged detail in each cufflink. The ruby eyes in the bull and the bear stand out and look fierce. Since you always need to dress sharp on Wall St., these cufflinks go from a day at the office to a dinner meeting, effortlessly.

Deakin & Francis has all the things we love in designer cufflinks. From the sophisticated to the humorous, their products are crafted with expert care and a quality that will last through generations.

Have questions? Call our sales department at 407-253-5347 and they would be happy to help you!

Corporate Gifts in Time for the Holidays

You may be wondering what kind of gift to get your boss, or maybe you are the boss and need gifts for your awesome employees. Don’t panic! We have several options that will make your holiday shopping simple and affordable! We’ve brought together some of our most popular corporate gifts to give you unique ideas this holiday season.

Custom Engravable Items


custom engravable cufflinks make wonderful giftsCustom Engraving is a great option for CEOs or high selling staff members. We have hundreds of engravable cufflinks to choose from, varying from the inexpensive to the high end. You can have your company logo engraved by our experts. Not sure how to get started? Call us and one of our personable sales associates will be happy to help you pick the perfect pair.


Custom Cases

Cases make great gifts

A cufflinks case is a fantastic gift for the well-dressed man in your office. With our wide selection of cases, we have something for every budget. Options include travel cases with zippers, impressive leather and glass cases, as well as luxury wood cases. Some of our cases even offer the opportunity to add a personalized plate. You can add dates, initials, or names. The choice is yours!



Custom Logo Items

Custom LogoCustom logo cufflinks, tie clips and lapel pins make a statement and are a wonderful way to say thank you to your boss or your employees! Our custom cuff links boast the bright colors of your company logo and are available in a range of shapes and finishes. We can accommodate almost any logo! Whether you’re a small business or a fortune 500 company, the possibilities are endless. Our dedicated team is available to guide you in your search for the perfect holiday gift. With several shapes and metal finishes to choose from, the possibilities are endless and we are here to help!


Career-Themed Cufflinks

Career Themed gifts

If you need something a little more immediate, try checking out our impressive selection of career-themed cuff links. From medically themed to construction equipment, we have dozens of styles to fit any industry.


We hope these suggestions have helped to point you in the right direction. If you’re still unsure, send an email to info@cufflinksdepot.com or give us a call at 407-253-5347 and our crew of cuff link experts will be happy to help!

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