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5 Events Where Cufflinks Should Be Worn

It’s easy to think of cufflinks as something a man may only wear once or twice in his life. However, this is not the case. There are many events that where cufflinks should be worn.  Here are five of the most common ones.


At a Charity Gala Event

Try Elephant cufflinks for a zoo charity event.

Charity Galas are elegant and beautiful affairs, full of women in glittering jewels and lovely gowns.  For men, it’s an opportunity to wear your own set of jewels: your cufflinks.  When dressing for a charity gala, men are often asked to wear a tuxedo to match the drama and formality of the occasion. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still show your style, though.  For example, if you are attending a charity gala to raise money for your city’s zoo or animal rescue organization, you could choose one of these fun animal cufflink sets.



At an Evening or Formal Wedding

Evening or formal weddings are the most common events where cufflinks are expected.  Of course, all male members of the bridal party should wear cufflinks; however, in the case of evening and formal weddings, guests are usually asked to dress “to the nines,” complete with appropriately formal bow ties and cufflinks.  Cufflinks also make a wonderful groomsmen gift.



A Night Out on the Town

Mr. Perfect cufflinks - perfect for a casual event or night on the townCufflinks aren’t just for formal and fancy events!  Even though that’s what we often think of first, cufflinks can be work for a pleasant, relaxed night on the town.  Since men don’t have as many options as women when it comes to dressing up their outfits, cufflinks make the wonderful accessory and let you show off your personal style, as well as your personality, hobbies, and interests, like with these fun Mr. Perfect cufflinks.  It’s the perfect time to have a little fun while staying classy.



In the Boardroom or at the Office

Most people wouldn’t think of wearing cufflinks to the office because they may hole-in-one cufflinks - fun during boring presentationsbe seen as overly formal for the environment. However, according to the Art of Style, “it is generally acceptable for senior employees and executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, and Managing Directors, to wear cufflinks on a normal basis since wearing them sends a signal of power…”  If you fall into one of these categories, wearing cufflinks can be a subtle sign of power, especially in a boardroom. You may consider one of these classy, engraved cufflinks to enhance your office wardrobe.


Another option in the office would be these roaring lions, that allow you to show off your powerful side, or these fun hole-in-one puzzle cufflinks that will help you stay awake during a boring presentation.



At a White Tie Event

Beautiful sterling silver and pearl cufflinks - the perfect choice for a white tie event.

A white tie event is by nature very formal with a strict dress code.  When invited to one of these events, such as a formal parties, the opera, and, if you’re really in-the-know, a White House dinner, male guests are expected to dress as elegantly as possible.   This includes a white full-dress shirt with white shirt studs, and white cufflinks. With these gorgeous sterling silver and pearl ones you can be the best dressed man at the event.



Of course, there are many other times and places you may wear cufflinks. Hopefully this has given you a few ideas so that the next time you get that invitation, you know just what to wear.

Cufflinks? How to Pick the Right Shirt

Cufflinks are often associated with fancy dinners and formal events. However, in more recent years, the rules have changed, and cufflinks have become a trendy accessory for the stylish man.  

New Rules for Cufflinks

Casual man wearing cufflinks
Cufflinks can be casual, too. (Image: Wikimedia)

For generations, well-dressed men have been wearing cufflinks. Today, modern wearers benefit from changing styles and updated trends.  One example of this is the rule that once stated cufflink-wearers must wear a jacket.  Thankfully, that’s changed, and it’s become acceptable to wear cufflinks without a jacket. This allows the cufflinks to be worn in more casual situations and with more laid-back clothing options, such as jeans!


Are All Shirts Equal?

For someone who hasn’t ever worn cufflinks before, the question of whether a shirt is suitable may seem strange, or even a little pretentious.  But when picking your shirt, you really must be careful. Since buttons are quite different from cufflinks, the type of cuff you choose can dictate the type of fastener you need to use.

The Barrel Cuff

Most men’s dress shirts sold today come with buttons on the cuffs.  This type of sleeve is called the barrel cuff and comes with either one button or two.  The two button double-fold cuff (known as the cocktail cuff or Portofino) was made famous by the superspy, James Bond.

However, if you want to wear cufflinks there are two other types of shirts that you may choose from: french cuffs or single cuffs.

French Cuffs

Double fold cuff with cufflink
French cuffs (Image: Pixabay)

French cuffs are more formal than barrel cuffs. They have extra length that is folded back and fastened with cufflinks.

This is the style of cuff that most people think of when they imagine a wedding or a semi-formal event. But although this is a popular cuff for tuxedo shirts, this style has recently become more popular in the business world, particularly in Europe.  It’s even become an acceptable option for everyday wear since it gives even something as laid back as jeans a more classy look.  

This is a nice bonus, because it means you can wear your cufflinks more often and to more places.


Single Cuffs

H96855300 - tuxedo setSingle cuffs are even more formal than French cuffs and are basically double cuffs without the fold, fastened with cufflinks.  Since they are so formal, they are typically only worn for white tie events and are a preferred option for black tie events.  We have a wonderful selection of tuxedo sets that will take your look up another notch.


So, What Should You Choose?

Although some shirts that you purchase may allow you to wear either option, ultimately, if you want to wear cufflinks, you’ll need to make sure your shirt has holes in the cuffs rather than having only buttons.  If you aren’t sure how to wear your cufflinks with your french cuff shirt, the video below may be helpful.

Cufflinks are a great way to show your style, and Cufflinks Depot offers a huge variety of styles, from casual to designer, and from novelty to engravable, for you to choose from.  With over 5000 products, and orders that ship the same day ordered, we want to help you look your best, no matter the occasion.

Cufflinks Depot at the NBA Draft

The NBA Draft has Never Looked so Good!

Cufflinks Depot is proud to have been a part of the 2016 NBA Draft in Brooklyn, NY.

A group of Dapper Gentlemen!
A group of Dapper Gentlemen!

Draftees Dragan Bender (4th overall pick over from the Phoenix Suns), Wade Baldwin IV(17th overall pick from the Memphis Grizzlies) and Caris Levert (20th overall pick from the Brooklyn Nets) were supplied custom cufflinks, tie bars and lapel pins all created by Cufflinks Depot. For the big occasion Dragan and Wade chose Custom Engravable Round Black Cufflinks (83BCL7046R) and Caris went with our Custom Logo Cufflinks (CUSTOMLOGOSS) in his alma mater, the University of Michigan, colors. All three athletes looked amazing when they took the stage!

Designer Spotlight: Deakin & Francis

Deakin & Francis Means Quality

If you’re a seasoned cufflink collector, you know that Deakin & Francis is synonymous with quality. Established in 1786, they have been creating the most desirable designs for over 200 years and we are proud to carry their expertly crafted cuff links. The company has changed hands throughout the generations but they have never lost their royal quality. Each pair of cufflinks is lovingly hand-crafted and we would like to take the opportunity to examine the artistry of a few of our favorite designs.

Itsy Bitsy Glitzy Spiders

These gorgeous spiders are not for the faint of heart!

These spiders have personality! They feature a pavè setting of beautiful black spinel. Spinel is a semi-precious stone that has a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making them a pleasure to use in jewelry because of their durability. The cufflinks themselves are a bright .925 sterling silver but the web of the cufflinks are plated in a rose gold for an exquisite contrast with the gunmetal finishing of the spider.The genuine ruby eyes add a fun detail that brings these arachnids to life!

A Skull Full of Style


Talk about details! These sterling silver, hand-enameled, movable skull cuff links are a must-see! When you pull the jaw down, his genuine diamond eyes pop out for a fun effect. Don’t let the quirkiness of these cufflinks distract you from the stunning about of detail in the enamel; carefully hand applied to add depth and character to each piece. Deakin & Francis actually has a few of these functional jaw skull cufflinks; you can collect them all and wear whichever fits your mood the best that day!

It’s All in a Days Work at the Market

Bull and Bear

You can now be prepared wherever the market stands! These Bull and Bear cufflinks are one of our most popular styles for the site. The beautifully oxidized sterling silver brings out the rugged detail in each cufflink. The ruby eyes in the bull and the bear stand out and look fierce. Since you always need to dress sharp on Wall St., these cufflinks go from a day at the office to a dinner meeting, effortlessly.

Deakin & Francis has all the things we love in designer cufflinks. From the sophisticated to the humorous, their products are crafted with expert care and a quality that will last through generations.

Have questions? Call our sales department at 407-253-5347 and they would be happy to help you!

Corporate Gifts in Time for the Holidays

Corporate Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

You may be wondering what kind of gift to get your boss or maybe you are the boss and need gifts for your awesome employees. Don’t panic! We have several options that will make your holiday shopping simple and affordable! We’ve brought together some of our most popular corporate gifts to give you unique ideas this holiday season.

Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving is a great option for CEOs or high selling staff members. We have hundreds of engravable cufflinks to choose from, varying from the inexpensive to the high end. You can have your company logo engraved by our experts. Not sure how to get started? Call us and one of our personable sales staff will be happy to help you pick the perfect pair.


A Cufflinks Case is a fantastic gift for the sharped dressed man in your office. With our wide selection of cases, we have something for every budget. Travel cases with zippers, impressive leather and glass cases as well as luxury wood cases! Some of our cases offer the opportunity to add a personalized plate. You can add dates, initials, names; the choice is yours!

Custom Logo

Custom logo cufflinks, tie clips and lapel pins make a statement! Our custom cuff links boast the bright colors of your company logo and are available in a range of shapes and finishes. We can accommodate almost any logo! Whether you’re a small business or a fortune 500, the possibilities are endless and our dedicated team is available to guide you in your search for the perfect holiday gift. With several shapes and metal finishes to choose from, the possibilities are endless and we are here to help!

Career Themed

If you need something a little more immediate, try checking out our impressive selection of career themed cuff links. From medically themed to construction equipment, we have dozens of styles to fit any industry.

We hope these suggestions have helped to point you in the right direction. If you’re still unsure, send an email to or give us a call at 407-253-5347 and our crew of cuff link experts will be happy to help!

Jewelry Metal and Cuff Links

When shopping for the perfect pair of cuff links, sometimes it’s difficult to know what you’re getting as far as jewelry metal is concerned. What is the difference between silver finish and sterling silver? Gold Vermeil? What does .925 mean? Read on!

Silver Finish and Gold Finish

Silver Finish and Gold Finish

Silver and Gold finish can denote any base jewelry metal such as brass, nickel and various alloys that have been plated and polished to look silver or gold. A majority of lower end and novelty cuff links will be silver or gold finish. If you’re not sure whether or not something is sterling silver or silver finish, check the price! The benefits of this process is affordability. We are often asked if these types of cuff links will “turn”. While they may turn over time, proper care and cleaning should keep them looking good for years to come. If you find silver or gold finish cuff links with Rhodium plating, this is an excellent option for cuff links as it will keep the metal from turning different colors even longer.



Gunmetal finish is a dark chic look. The color is achieved by either chemical process or electrolysis. You can find this finish on stainless steel, sterling silver and base metal cuff links, allowing for a variety of price points.

Stainless Steel


While not as common as sterling silver or silver finish, stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular in men’s jewelry. They are more affordable than sterling silver but more durable and higher quality than your standard silver finish. They often come in an industrial or clean style and make fantastic engravables!

Sterling Silver

Sterling Cuff Links

Sterling silver is one of the most popular jewelry metal choices for people looking to purchase high end cuff links. It’s also a popular choice for designers as they can achieve a high level of detail and can use the metal’s natural oxidation properties to add contrast; much like the lion cuff links picture here by Tracey Mayer. She also creates some styles with .950 sterling silver which is incredibly rare!

You’ll find most sterling silver cuff links and jewelry stamped with “.925”. This number is the most common and it lets you know the percentage of sterling silver in the metal. The purest form of silver available on the market is .999 and is called fine silver but most designers and jewelers do not choose this metal because of its softness. Sterling silver is 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% of another metal to increase its durability. The other metal is usually copper but can also be zinc or nickel.

Some sterling silver will feature a Rhodium plating to stave off tarnishing. Tarnishing is caused by oxygen interacting with the surface of the sterling silver. Sometimes chemicals, temperature and humidity can expedite this process. The nice thing about sterling silver jewelry is that it is easy to clean and look like new again, either with a sterling polishing cloth or sterling jewelry cleaner. One way to keep sterling silver cuff links from tarnishing when not in use is to wrap them in a soft dry cloth and place them in a zip lock bag with the air squeezed out of it. This is a great tip for traveling with your sterling accessories!

Gold Vermeil


Gold Vermeil (pronounced Ver-MAY) is an affordable alternative to solid gold. We offer Vermeil ranging from 14K all the way to 24K. Vermeil is another word for gilting, or gold plating, and is usually over sterling silver. When the process was originally developed by the French, it was by fire but due to the high amounts of Mercury needed to create these pieces, the original fire-gilting process was been banned. Nowadays, gold plating is done by the safe process of electrolysis.

Vermeil looks beautiful when engraved because the bright sterling silver shines through for a two-tone effect. We even recommend our engravable gold plated cuff links for our custom engraved process; it allows your company logo to stand out!

Rose Gold


Rose gold has been increasing in popularity. The unique pink hue is beautiful and created by alloying gold with copper. The purest form of rose gold is 22K but most rose gold you will find is 18K, which is 75% yellow gold and 25% copper, although sometimes fine silver is mixed in as well. The globe cuff links featured here are made with solid 18K rose gold and set into sterling silver and the contrast is very eye-catching. The saw cuff links are rose gold finish which gives it a different look from the solid rose gold. This colored jewelry metal is incredibly popular for weddings.

Solid Gold


Solid gold cuff links can be expensive but there isn’t anything quite like them! The cuff links featured here are 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold. 14K is recommended for jewelry because of its durability; 24K pure yellow gold is very soft and can scuff easily. The purest form of white gold is 20K and is a blend of yellow gold and a white metal and is often rhodium plated to look even whiter. Be wary of any cuff links or jewelry seller that says they have 24K white gold… it doesn’t exist!

We hope this quick guide helps you in your quest for the perfect cuff links! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for special offers and promotions!

Fashionable for Football Season!

Football season is now in full swing and whether you’re a true lover of the sport or you only pledge your allegiance to the home team, we have a variety of Football cuff links available from NCAA to NFL! In this post we’ve pulled together some of our favorite sets to share with you.

Sterling Football Cuff Links for Special Ocassions

Sterling Silver Football Cuff Links

For fans who just absolutely love football to no end. These exquisite sterling silver football cuff links would make the perfect gift! They are sleek and the sterling silver is bright. We tend to sell these frequently during wedding season. We have brides buy them for their grooms, or grooms buy them for their best man. Since they are not team specific, it is a great option if you can’t remember what team they like!

Movable Football Player Cuff Links Could-Go-All-The-WAY!

Sterling Silver Football Players

Maybe your tastes are a little more unique; we recommend these sterling football player cuff links. They actually move! You might get a little distracted at your morning meetings because they are so much fun to play with. They are made with a fine .925 sterling silver and beautifully enameled for a pop of color. They would make an excellent addition to any fashionable sports lover’s collection.

NCAA Football Helmet Cuff Links

NCAA Football Helmet Cuff Links

Few sports fans are more passionate than NCAA football fans. Featured here are a pair of sterling silver cuff links that are encasing pieces of genuine University of Alabama helmets. The shape is instantly recognizable and would make a fantastic conversation starter at any event. We have a great selection of cuff links made from actual game used helmets from several of the big NCAA teams.

Game-Used Football from Super Bowl XLVII!

Sterling Engravable Oval

Finally, we wanted to finish with our most unique pair of NFL cuff links. These seemingly simple cuff links are in all actuality made from a game used football from Super Bowl XLVII! The championship went to the Baltimore Ravens and these sterling silver cuff links commemorate that victory! Each one comes with a certificate of authenticity. We also feature a pair from Super Bowl XXXIX!

This handful of styles does not nearly cover all of the amazing Football cuff links we have to offer. Be sure to check them out and let us know your favorites!

Which Cuff Links Backing is Right for You?


Here at CuffLinks Depot, we carry over 5,000 styles of cufflinks. With so many options, it helps to know how your cuff links will look, feel and function. When making your selection, a big part of this decision is the backing! The backing is an essential part of what makes your cuff links secure. We have listed the 4 most common styles to help with your search for the perfect cuff links.



Silver Finish Rectangular Engravable

Bullet, or sometimes called Torpedo, is the most common style of backing. It allows you to easily put on your cuff links and face the day! The hinged bar toggles to secure them onto your cuff. You’ll likely find this backing on anything from engravables (such as the handsome brushed finish example pictured here) to novelty to even our high end sets.

Whale Tail/Swivel

Sterling Square Engravable Cufflinks

The whale tail style is similar to the common bullet backing. Designers often choose this backing for their cuff links as it allows them to include branding without taking away from the unique designs on the front of your favorite pair. Another reason for its popularity is the ability to personalize the cuff links with initial or a special date making them a popular choice for gifts. The style featured here is great for our custom engraving which is an excellent choice for corporate gifts!


Sterling Chain Tennis and Ball

Chain cuff links are common in Europe and collectors enjoy the flexibility. Chain cuff links give designers the ability to create a double sided or reversible design like this adorable pair of sterling silver tennis racket and ball cuff links. This classic style is very formal and a normal sight at weddings and black tie affairs. Some sets include even an engravable side! Everything is better when you can add a personal touch.


Sterling Engravable Oval

Designers also love the fixed back tor the option of molding one full piece. It can include their logo or even another design! A lot of people like this rigid style for the stability. This pair of bull dog cuff links from Robin Rotenier put the fun in functional with the dog bone serving as the t-back, it allows the wearer to be fashionable from all sides!

We have thousands of options available and we hope that this brief guide helps you narrow down your choices in finding the perfect pair for you or your loved one.

Appreciate Your Car with Luxury Car Cuff Links

Best Autos In Show

Cars are an important aspect of many peoples’ lives and sometimes these machines end up being like members of the family with all of the memories and nostalgia they bring while you pass them by. We have a plethora of car related cuff links which can be a perfect way to display your hobby on your sleeve. So we have rounded up our best luxury car styles for you!

Fast Ferraris

Lamborghini Cufflinks
Red Ferrari CuffLinks

Ferrari is one of the most well known names in automobiles. Their smooth and sleek designs get better with age. The world renowned company is named for its founder Enzo Ferrari and began in 1929. Their longevity is no surprise with the high quality and precision work put into every car that leaves their facility. It is a symbol of success and a staple in any serious auto collection.

Perfect Porsche

Porsche 911 Cufflinks
Red Porsche Cufflinks

Ferdinand Porsche founded his namesake company in 1931. The German automaker has become synonymous with luxury. While their vehicles are generally more compact, they are designed to brave top speeds on the Autobahn. Their low profile provides the right amount of drag for expert-level performance.

Steer In Style

Steering Wheel Cufflinks
Wooden Steering Wheel Cufflinks

A common feature in antique luxury vehicles is a solid wood steering wheel. The wood grain and smooth epoxy finish gives an entirely different look and feel to classic cars that a majority of collectors can agree is superior. These cuff links are a wonderful nod to your fellow hobbyists while you’re out about town. Maybe you’re still saving up for that unique dream car, these cufflinks are a perfect way to satiate your desire while you wait.

Time to Hit the Beach With Some Summer Cufflinks Fun

The Cufflinks Depot staff are huge fans of the beach! The sun, sand and
waves are are so relaxing and it’s always a bummer when you’re stuck in the
office but you don’t have to be at the beach to show your love of the water.
Many designers find inspiration from the ocean and we decided to share some
of our favorite beach themed cuff links with you!

Ocean Cufflinks
Lost Coast Wave Cuff Links

These Lost Coast Wave cuff links are simple, soothing, and remind us of the
famous Japanese painting of the Great Wave by Hokusai!. We enjoy these cuff
links for their subtle design; they’re great for the office or a night out.
The brushed finished gives them a modern look and can match most shirt and
suit combos. We think they would look especially stunning with a black on
black outfit for a trip to a swanky South Beach night club.
Tommy Bahama Beach Cruiser Cufflinks
Continue reading Time to Hit the Beach With Some Summer Cufflinks Fun

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