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Cufflinks Depot’s Father’s Day Gift Box (Limited Quantity)

Cufflinks Depot is proud to be honoring fathers this year by offering shoppers our first gift box. Our Father's Day gift box is one of a kind and is a perfect all-in-one gift. All boxes include a suit tie, pocket square, socks, and personalized cufflinks and tie bar. Shoppers can choose between gold or silver for their cufflinks and tie bar set and specify a personal message or symbol to engrave on the cufflinks and tie bar.

Necktie & Pocket Square

Included in the gift box is a multi-color, micro-fiber necktie with a square/triangle pattern and a matching pocket square. Dotted squares are joined by gold/dark grey colored squares with mirrored triangles. These items perfectly match the silver or gold cufflinks and the stylish grey socks.

Grey "GO DAD" Socks

One of the funnest parts of this gift box is the stylish "Go Dad" socks that feature a beer mug with golden colored beer and a yellow striped tie. This item adds the perfect level of humor and style to this already amazing gift box.

Engravable Tie Bar

One of the most looked over men's accessories is the tie bar. People often forget about this accessory, but we haven't. Our gift box is a full package complete with engravable gold or silver tie bar.

Engravable Gold/Silver Cufflinks

The crowning jewel of our Father's Day gift box is the custom cufflinks. Buyers can choose between gold or silver custom cufflinks and add a touch of personalization to their gift.

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