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We love our new Murano Glass Cufflinks from Venice

Sanque E Oro Murano Glass Cufflinks

Well, we recently traveled to Venice by train from Florence and were truly fascinated by the many glassworks on the Isle of Murano which is just a short boat ride from romantic Venice. The beautiful sea was the perfect backdrop for the brilliant artisans to work and create brilliant pieces of art. We were fortunate enough to run into a small shop which produced these beautiful pieces of mosaic Murano glass which simply glimmer in both sunlight and moonlight. Nostalgia creeps in everytime we see beautiful pieces like these. Pictures clearly do not portray the beauty that we see. In our star rating scale, we give the Sanque E. Oro Murano Glass Cuff Links  5 Cufflinks for beauty, 5 Cufflinks for creativity, 5 for durability, and a 5 for functionality.  That is a perfect 25 out of 25  for Cufflinks Depot’s rating system for this beautiful pair of cufflinks. Please check out our (Cufflinks Depot‘s) whole selection of these beautiful yet inexpensive pieces that are from romantic Italy.



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