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Yesterday’s Necessity Becomes Today’s Perfect Accessory

An elegant replacement for the common button, the cuff link (also known as cufflinks or sometimes mistakenly as cufflings) has for centuries provided a decorative means of fastening shirt-sleeve cuffs. The cuff link through the years has evolved from an ornate string cuffling to a simple gold chain to today’s more recognizable post- or chain-and-disc versions, and are used primarily to link the French cuffs of men’s tuxedo or dress shirts. Cufflinks may also be used to fasten the cuffs of women’s blouses.

Discover the Perfect Cuff Links or have them Customized

The glint of a cufflink against your shirt-sleeve cuff is visible to everyone, which makes cufflinks a perfect and stylish way to express yourself. Reveal your own personal style and explore your many moods through a wide variety of designs, including:

  • Traditional Cuff Links -- Attend your next dressy event in style. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate banquet, or some other gala, a handsome pair of cuff links will set the perfect tone of elegance and class. Looking for just the right gift for your groomsmen? Find your solution in one of the following choices:

    • Sterling cuff links -- Made of the finest silver and available in an array of designs, these cuff links are perfect for engraving or monogramming.

    • Gold cuff links -- Discover a collection of attractive gold-finished and gold cuff links.

    • Designer cufflinks -- A host of today’s most beautiful cufflinks from designers around the world ensure you’ll find the style that best suits you.

  • Novelty Cuff Links -- Express something unique about yourself! These fun cuff link options allow you to show a bit of whimsy at the wrist by sharing your:

    • Profession -- Show pride in your job! Choose from numerous career-themed cufflinks, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or any of a number of other professions. These make great gifts for the boss.

    • Interests -- Support your team, political party, or worthy cause, or share your affection for a favorite animal with one of these lovely cufflinks. Special interest cufflinks work well as Father’s Day gifts!

    • Hobbies -- A fan of football, baseball, or golf? Enjoy a game of bowling or a round of poker? Love a different hobby? Why not express your interests through a pair of unique cufflinks?

    • Humor -- Get a laugh with a pair featuring your favorite cartoon characters, actors, and other famous people. If you’re seeking an unusual or unique gift, humorous cufflinks are great for birthday or Christmas presents.

  • Custom cuff links -- Looking for something a little more personal? Cufflinks Depot can create a pair of personalized cufflinks unique for you.

    • The monogrammed cuff link -- Have your name or initials monogrammed on your sterling cuff links for an individualized and upscale look.

    • The engraved cuff link These custom cufflinks can feature a company logo or emblem, making them ideal as a corporate or promotional gift.

Personalized cufflinks make unique gifts!

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